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Medical payments provides coverage for people on the "insured location" with permission of "the insured," which fits this situation.
As an example, if the insurer is going to provide liability coverage for an additional insured through an endorsement to a CGL form, the insurer must also live up to the duty to defend.
Describe exceptions and conditions that can affect who is insured under the CGL form
Myth #1 A Certificate of Insurance Establishes Additional Insured Status.
The court thus concluded that strictly interpreting the time limitation in the policy under such circumstances would lead to an unjust result and would restrict unreasonably the policy's coverage to a small number of disabilities: "Such a very limited and highly technical construction of an insurance contract cannot be foisted onto a layman nor does it make any sense in terms of the risks insured against.
insured would have to take reasonable steps to determine whether the foreign insurer is indeed entitled to treaty benefits.
In life settlements, insurance contracts commonly are purchased from insured policyholders who are in their retirement years, or who have significant medical conditions but are not terminally ill; policyholders in both categories benefit during their lifetimes from selling their policies.
A second tax advantage concerns the replacement of impaired assets, since an asset can be replaced using insurance proceeds for which the insured is not taxed.
The endorsement, GL 04 19, hired automobile and nonowned automobile liability insurance, applied to the use of any nonowned auto or the use of hired autos in the business of the named insured.
In order to qualify to be Named Insured under a policy, the entities must be owned by the same financial interest or have some financial interest in the property or operations being conducted.
i) An insured bank as defined in section 3 of the FDI Act (12 U.
The only exceptions the court noted are when there are multiple parties to a suit and the insurer discriminately settles with one or more of the parties for the full policy limits, thus exposing an insured to excess judgment, or when the insurer acts in bath faith by settling a claim in a manner that bars the insured's counterclaim.