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We also ask participants to work through a series of one-paragraph caselets, which address a sequence of lifecycle integration issues of a new generation of night vision goggles encountered sequentially over a period of years.
And recently signed agreements with industry giants provide a strategic edge in speeding time to market for these new Integration Adapters and invaluable support in driving standardization.
Designed to receive and send information from applications running on disparate hardware, software and communications systems, integration technology was a good fit for handling Westpac's protocol translation and routing to and from the bank's central systems.
Steel: Vertical integration began in the steel industry in the late 1800s with ownership of every step of production from the mine to the railroads.
The concept of systems integration is often confused with the concept of services integration.
You can't approach data integration with a one-size-fits-all mentality," commented John Senor, president of iWay Software.
This article describes the first part of the course and two degrees of integration; Part II, in the next issue of Defense AT & L, will describe the second part of the course and the remaining four degrees of integration.
Second, the basic approach to physician/provider integration includes vertical and horizontal strategies effected through alliances, mergers, and acquisitions.
Data integration is the means by which organizations understand the data scattered throughout or external to their organization, access it and deliver it, adapted for its intended use, to enterprise applications.
Mule is a Java-based platform that enables enterprise developers to perform a wide variety of integration tasks, from bringing new applications into production, to modernizing legacy applications and platforms, to enabling SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).
In-process integration is a middleware alternative that doesn't require the external processes or servers that alternative approaches require.
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