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IAIowa (US postal abbreviation)
IAInternet Archive
IAInformation Assurance
IAInformation Architecture
IAInternational Airport
IAIntel Architecture
IAImpact Assessment
IAIn and Around
IAInternational Affairs
IAInternet Access
IAInternational Academy
IAIndustrial Automation (Star Wars, company who made R2-D2)
IAInternal Affairs
IAInvestment Advisor
IAIndividual Assistance (US DHS/FEMA)
IAInter Alia (Latin: among other things)
IAInternal Audit
IAIrrigation Association
IAItalian American
IAImpact Analysis
IAImmediate Action (Military)
IAInternational Agreement
IAIntangible Assets
IAInspection Académique (France)
IAInternet Appliance
IAInspection Authorization
IAIndividual Account
IAIllegal alien
IAInitial Assessment
IAInstruction and Assessment
IAIntelligent Agent
IAImplementation Agreement
IAIndian Airlines
IAIndependent Agencies
IAInstitutional Advancement (various schools)
IAIntelligence Artificielle (French)
IAInvestment Analysis
IAIsaac Asimov (author)
IAIdentification and Authentication
IAIndian Army
IAIm Auftrag (German: By Order)
IAInshallah (God willing)
IAInternal Assessment (International Baccalaureate testing)
IAInitial Attack (firefighting)
IAIndependent Amount
IAInstructional Assistant
IAIndustry Automation
IAIntelligence Analyst
IAIn Absentia (Latin: On Behalf of and in the Absence Of)
IAInformation Assistance
IAImplementing Agency
IAInvasive Aspergillosis
IAIndividual Augmentee
IAInteragency Agreement
IAIndependent Assessment
IAInterfaith Alliance
IAInstitute of Astronomy
IAInitial Appointment
IAImperial Army (gaming)
IAInternet Audio
IAInstitute of Aging
IAIndia Abroad (newspaper)
IAInformation Asset
IAInformation Analyst
IAItalian Army
IAIndustrial Archaeology
IAInstantly Available
IAInternational Alert (UK peacebuilding organization)
IAInformation Appliance
IAInterface Adapter
IAInstallment Agreement
IAIntelligence Assessment
IAInvestment Agreement
IAIntruder Alert
IAIraqi Airways (IATA airline code)
IAIssuing Agency
IAIntelligent Application
IAInitial Action
IAImperial Academy (Star Wars)
IAInterval Arithmetic
IAIncentive Award
IAInternational Alphabet
IAInstrumentation Amplifier
IAIndividual Augmentation
IAInterface Analysis
IAIntelligence Amplification
IAInspection Administration
IAInitial Appraisal (USACE)
IAIndustrial Attachment
IAInternet Alliance
IAInstrument Airplane
IAImperial Age
IAIsland Alliance (Boston, Massachusetts)
IAIt's Academic
IAIncremental Analysis
IAIntegrity Agreement
IAIndustrial Affiliates
IAInterface Architect
IAInitial Authorization
IAInternal Alarm
IAInformation Attack
IAImplementing Arrangement
IAImpulse Approximation (electron momentum density)
IAImplementing Agent
IAInfamous Adventures (gaming website)
IAInvasion America (Dreamworks TV Series)
IAIntegrated Agent
IAInterstellar Alliance (Babylon 5)
IAImperator Augustus (Latin: Emperor Augustus, epigraphy)
IAIntermediate Agent (networking)
IAInteroperability Agreement
IAIrrigation/Aspiration (medical procedures)
IAInstitutional Adaptation (US Army)
IAIneffective Attempt
IAInterface Agreement
IAInput Axis
IAIndicated Altitude
IAInterim Accreditation
IAIndian Airways
IAInstallation Assessment
IAInvestigative Analyst
IAInhalation Anaesthetics (pharmaceutical industry)
IAInstituti Albanologjik (Albanological Institute, Kosova)
IAImage Amplifier
IAImpedance Angle
IAInherent Availability
IAInternet Aid
IAInterior Alliance (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)
IAInstable Angina (cardiology)
IAIrritant Agent
IAInventory Automation
IAInstalling Activity
IAInterrogation Arm (explosive detection aid)
IAInteractive Accountability
IAInput Acknowledgement
IAImagery Analysis/Analyst
IAImplosion-Assembled (weapon)
IAIntroducing Advisor (foreign exchange)
IAIfugao Academy (Kiangan, Ifugao, Philippines)
IAImmediately Avaliable
IAInstallation Accountant
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The acquisition, if it proceeds, will constitute a Reverse Takeover under the Listing Rules since, inter alia, in substance it will result in a fundamental change in the business of the issuer.
the fact that the disputed provision prescribes that the appointment is made by application of Article 4 of the Civil Service Act, indicating that it is not left to any individual (director or minister) to act arbitrarily, but to do it accordance with Article 4,, inter alia, to announce public competitions and procedures, together with the Civil Service Agency.
"The examination of the documents, including the bank's internal inspection report, revealed, inter alia, non-compliance with the directions issued by RBI on Know Your Customer (KYC) norms", RBI said, while imposing the Rs 2 crore penalty on IOB.
This loan is subject to, inter alia, general Tekes funding terms and conditions.
"Pursuant to revelations made by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) about certain Indians having linkages with entities in offshore no tax/low tax jurisdictions, the Government constituted a MAG on April 4, 2016, inter alia, to facilitate co-ordinated and speedy investigation," the statement said.
He pointed out that during the two-day meeting, Arab customs officials discussed, inter alia, customs measures, information and inter-Arab transit development.
Key issues are addressed: medication options generally are limited and not safe; difficulty for clinicians to identify links between imaging and patientAEs actual pain; surgery doesnAEt always resolve the problem, inter alia. Seventeen chapters cover joint pain vis-a-vis epidemiology, neurophysiology, genetics, dogs and cats, inflammation, pain relievers, glucosamine and chondroitin, exercise and sport, NSAIDs to opioids, monitoring, childhood, inter alia.
It will adopt a declaration suggesting, inter alia, measures to further enhance cooperation at all levels, for expeditious implementation of such goals to achieve socio-economic sustainable development.
He stated that project proposals for environmental clearance are considered as per provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 2006, which inter alia provides timelines for various stages of processing.
Prior to his parliamentary career, Lehne worked inter alia in the German Bundestag and the Dusseldorf City Council.
He is well known for his "Gujral Doctrine", aimed at strengthening India's relations with her neighbors without insisting on reciprocity, and his vision of a prosperous South Asia at peace with itself, including inter alia by pursuing the idea of 'sub-regional cooperation' wherever feasible, constitutes a lastng legacy.
The plaintiff alleged that the defendants were negligent, inter alia, in failing to properly diagnose fetal distress.