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It was attended by the Saudi ambassador to China, Turki Al-Madi, the President of the Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge, Yahya bin Junaid, as well as other Chinese officials.
She offered her residence for exhibitions where wives of all Ambassadors would be invited which will help local women entrepreneurs find business and intercommunication opportunities.
"Conferees also capitalized the necessity to preserve the unity of the [Lebanese] internal ranks and intercommunication among all the categories of the society, in an effort to protect and bolster stability," it added.
The addition of the IEEE 1901 standard (HD-PLC) will allow consumers to easily enjoy intercommunication and data sharing services between DLNA-compliant devices on a home network using existing electrical power lines, such as TVs, AV equipment, personal computers, game machines, and networked data storage devices.
Telephonics specialises in aircraft intercommunication systems, wireless communications systems, air traffic management systems and aerospace electronics.
Plant operators and stakeholders from across the world are ensured worldwide intercommunication and joint decision making with access to up-to-date complete and consistent data, the company said in a statement.
Close focuses on the imperial cities of Eastern Swabia in this book, examining how existing political affiliations, personal networks, and intercommunication between the towns influenced the Reformation in the region.
The survey rated, among other things, the level of airport service quality and staff conduct, and friendliness, and intercommunication and language skills.
The chairman of the Omani Journalists Association stated that hosting such event is a positive opportunity for discussing the developments and updates of the Arab journalism, as well as, reinforcing the intercommunication between the Omani media men and journalists and their Arab counterparts for benefiting from the journalistic experiences.
"When this goes too far, it falls into the snare of extremism, which in turn leads to inward-looking positions that negate the other and halt the process of dialogue and intercommunication."
Manifold combination of unique mineral and biogenic natural factors of Saki mud in intercommunication with thermal and electrical influence have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and resolving effect with intensification of metabolic processes on areas affected by diseases of the body.
Manufacturer of military and civil defence systems Cobham plc (LSE:COB) revealed on Monday that the Cobham-Northrop Grumman Team (NGCI) has been awarded 50% of the USD2.4bn 10-year contract to provide the VIS-X Vehicular Intercommunication System Expanded for the US Army's Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM).