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I/CIn Charge
I/CIntegrated Circuit
I/CIncluding (nursing; medical notes)
I/CInter company
I/CInvestment in Contract
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And how to develop a science of intercommunication, which commenced when the wild animals began to travel in herds and to protect themselves from their enemies by a language of danger-signals, and to democratize this science until the entire nation becomes self-conscious and able to act as one living being--that is the part of this universal problem which finally necessitated the invention of the telephone.
Such is the push of American life, that the humble immigrants from Southern Europe, before they have been here half a dozen years, have acquired the telephone habit and have linked on their small shops to the great wire network of intercommunication. In the one community of Brownsville, for example, settled several years ago by an overflow of Russian Jews from the East Side of New York, there are now as many telephones as in the kingdom of Greece.
With their Test Script Processor (TSP) and TSP-Link intercommunications bus, these instruments enable engineers to create fast test systems for research, characterization, wafer sort, reliability and production monitoring.
I had to climb through the bomb bay, around twisted uprights supporting the catwalk, to the pilots' compartment, because the intercommunications and oxygen systems were both destroyed.
(MSSI), an industry leader in the development of ultra wideband (UWB) systems, has received a $24 M contract from the Naval Air System Command for the production of UWB-based Aircraft Wireless Intercommunications Systems (AWICS).