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IGInterest Group
IGI Guess
IGIn Game (online gaming)
IGInspector General
IGInstallation Guide
IGImplementation Guide
IGInvestors Group
IGIlford (postcode, United Kingdom)
IGInformation Governance (various organizations)
IGInsulating Glass
IGIgloo (pressurized and thermally controlled environment for Spacelab pallet subsystems)
IGItalian Greyhound
IGiGoogle (personalized Google homepage)
IGIndustriegewerkschaft (Industrial Labor Union)
IGImmune Globulin
IGInvestment Grade
IGIndependent Group (various organizations)
IGIndex Glycémique (French: Glycemic Index)
IGInfidelguy (website)
IGInstituto Geofísico
IGImperial Guard (game)
IGIntelligence Group
IGImage Generator
IGInherently Governmental
IGIrish Guards (A British Regiment)
IGIntra-Gastric (healthcare)
IGInspector Gadget (cartoon)
IGInternational Ground (commerical carriage modality; FedEx)
IGIslamic Group
IGInspection Générale (French: General Inspectorate)
IGIntrinsic Gettering
IGInfogrames (European software company)
IGInscriptiones Graecae (definitive collection of ancient manuscripts)
IGInteractive Graphics
IGIsolated Ground
IGInstructor Guide
IGInfinite Green (Internet radio)
IGIncome Generation
IGInstitute of Genetics (Canada)
IGInteragency Group
IGIntern Geologist (professional status)
IGInduction Generator
IGImperial Gallon
IGInterface Group
IGInertial Guidance
IGIndyGo (mass transit company)
IGInspecciones Globales (Spanish: Global Inspections; Guatemala)
IGInner Guard (Masonry)
IGInterdepartmental Group
IGInformation Granulation
IGIndex-Linked Gilts (finance)
IGIndiangrass (botany)
IGIm Generalstab (German: General-Staff Member)
IGInteroperability Group
IGInstructor in Gunnery (Canadian and British Military)
IGInspectoría General (Guatemala special police division)
IGInterglide (Shimano Chain and Cogs)
IGInverse Gain
IGImperial Games (gaming fansite network)
IGInterGOV International
IGInterconnecting Group
IGIllumined Gaming (message board)
IGInwent Germany
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The recent strand of literature on productive and unproductive entrepreneurship first elaborated by Baumol (1990, 1993, 2002), and expanded by Boettke (2001), Boettke and Coyne (2003), Coyne and Leeson (2004), and Sobel (2008), not only incorporates the government causes interest group logic, but provides it a theoretical underpinning.
To conceptualize the goals of interest groups at TCs, I relied on the description of interest group activity by Anthony Nownes.
The CCC needs this type of information to classify the mobile users into different interest groups, and to assign the downloading task for the users in a same interest group to cooperate finishing the same service.
Research Resources Interest Group, Mark McKnight (mark.
In some cases, one would expect that the policy issue of interest to the particular interest group is very well settled and long established.
They demonstrate the types of activities of interest groups in different stages of the election process.
Of course, the study of unorganized interests is not irrelevant to the study of interest groups: it is from unorganized interests that interest groups often - if not always - arise,(3) and no interest group, or combination of them, is likely to organize everyone who shares an interest.
Economist Mancur Olson's classic text, The Rise and Decline of Nations, advances the theory that as societies mature, ever more - and more powerful - interest groups emerge.
3) Free use of PeopleFinders database containing information on Strategic Interest Group members
Objective: "The project aims to examine interest groups participation in EU policymaking and to investigate a fundamental question regarding the EU interest representation system: under what conditions are interest groups policy demands integrated into the policymaking process and translated into policy outcomes?
Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Role of Lobbies and Special Interest Groups.
We loved and admired Pope John Paul the Great for his courageous, unwavering stand for traditional family values against withering, relentless assault from "post-modernists", "progressives", immoral special interest groups, and the like.