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VVG staining revealed defective internal elastic lamina in Operation + HFD + Chronic Stress group.
Temporal artery biopsy revealing panarteritis with dense mixed inflammatory infiltrate, disrupting external and internal elastic lamina (H-E x 4 and H-E x 10).
26) Internal elastic lamina calcification occurs infrequently in coronary arteries (20) (Figure 2, D through F).
Histological review of the MCA revealed the presence of well-developed internal elastic lamina, tunica media and tunica adventitia.
Method of measurement: Vessels were excluded from the study if they were traumatized, lacked a clearly defined internal elastic lamina or were not cut in true cross-section.
Internal Elastic Lamina (IEL) defects before penetration of the durmater and near the branching of the PICA may be related to the development of dissection at these sites.
IT was defined as the distance from the lumen- vessel interface to the interface between the internal elastic lamina and the media IMT as the distance from the lumen-vessel interface to the interface between the media and the external elastic lamina and MT was calculated as the difference between IMT and IT.
Structurally the intimal layer of CCA, as in the other carotid vessels (ICA and ECA), showed a very thin pattern and appeared formed by endotheliocytes and internal elastic lamina (Figs.
Other nonspecific features include intimal proliferation, duplication and/or fragmentation of the internal elastic lamina, a sparse perivascular inflammatory infiltrate, and fibrinoid necrosis of the intima.
Microscopically the umbilical cord arteries composed of double layered muscular wall, no internal elastic lamina while the umbilical vein larger in diameter, thin wall with single layer of disorganized circular smooth muscle and an internal elastic lamina.