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The weight of internal organs is important in forensic medicine and pathology, because the weight of internal organs is useful in determining whether the organ is normal or pathological.
To test for differences of internal organ mass between males and females, one-way analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was utilized with internal organ mass as the dependent variable, sexes as the fixed factor, and body size as covariate.
Not just internal organs but face skin can also be transplanted now and teenagers could be ideal victims," Acosta explained.
As for the possibility that Chu flushed Huang's internal organs down the toilet, police have refused to comment on whether they have started a search of the septic tank.
Cruz Street near Cafe Sanso Museum and Flossom Kitchen Cafe after 'a dead child with no more internal organs and a sum of money on the body' was found.
In response to a request from the FIA and NASCAR (the U.S.-based National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), Toyota has also been using THUMS to identify deceleration g-forces and the powerful forces imposed during a collision on the spine and internal organs, due to the seating conditions unique to race cars, and to investigate methods of mitigating those forces.
"Foul smelling and disagreeable tasting animal intestines and internal organs? No!
The internal organs of cattle such as the spleen, liver and tendons have little added value in the Central American nation compared to its value in the international market, especially in Thailand, said David Hernandez, manager of C & D.
"DRAW" BODY BY SOUND--A new device now maps the body's internal organs with sound waves.
The popular weight-loss drug orlistat appears to inhibit an enzyme that may result in damage to internal organs, according to researchers who published their findings online December 7, 2012 in the journal Biochemical Pharmacology.
Systemic Lupus Spondylitis is an arthritic disease that affects the skin and internal organs in addition to the joints.
It would have taken more than two hours to butcher the sheep, whose skins, feet and internal organs were left behind at Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve in Watlington, Oxfordshire, a Thames Valley Police spokesman said.
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