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University managers play an elementary function in policy decisions and the development of strategic plans for internationalization (Childress, 2009; Nafsa, 2015).
Considering this framework and the understanding that the development of significant internationalization processes, adjusted to the realities and objectives of universities and the countries involved, the action of well-trained management professionals is required, among other things.
Despite growing interest in the factors that influence the speed of such ongoing firm internationalization (e.
In particular, given the contradictory suggestions in the literature regarding the likely performance effects of rapid internationalization, there have been calls for further clarification of the effects of internationalization speed on firm performance (Casillas and Moreno-Menendez 2014).
Accordingly, during this article we will cover some of the most important aspects concerning the internationalization process.
Given these findings, we encounter many studies that still propose multiple factors that could affect indirectly to the internationalization process.
One is the cross-boundary education, and the other is home internationalization, with the later one focusing more on the internationalization of the campus activities home universities, which mainly includes integrating international and multi-cultural education contents into educational activities to help the home students develop cross-cultural competence.
Generally, universities tend to take the task of realizing the internationalization and cultivating talents with cross-cultural competence and global awareness as the goals of their development plan.
The influence of the degree of internationalization on firm performance is a fundamental part of International Business (Glaum & Oesterle, 2007).
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