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And together in divine confidence they would disentangle and interpret them all.
And there sat I, powerless to interpret, and so power-less to help!
The magician was delighted to find that his search had been successful, and at once set to work to interpret the secret signs engraved upon the ring, but it took him seven weeks to make them out clearly.
The Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis helps the reader to interpret symptoms, physical signs and initial test results and to allow students (or doctors not familiar with all aspects of medicine) to arrive at diagnoses logically and to explain their reasoning confidently.
3 : to bring out the meaning of <An actor interprets a role.
For the second hour the whole class would interpret a painting selected by me, projected onto the screen.
Clear directives are essential to interpret the data objectively.
However, in the last century, a doctrine used consistently to interpret tax provisions emerged, called the "substance over form" doctrine.
Stone helps us interpret art by initiating us into the standards of the art guild that judges art.
After receiving no volunteers on how to interpret the p-value (but many students were able to state the decision of reject because the p-value is less than the alpha of .
Its message of employing multiple analytical techniques to fully interpret geochronological data within petrological context represents the current benchmark for accurate geochronological calibration of polymetamorphosed rocks in orogenic belts.
And although the criteria for selection may sometimes be less explicit than they were under colonial administration, there is reason to think that, with few exceptions, the major requirements remain vaguely the same: a good level of education with the European language as medium of instruction, a certain interest or knowledge of the subject field, a mastery of the indigenous language, and in some rare cases the capacity to translate or interpret (cf.