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It must be confessed that this ingenious interpretation of the dream in the light of newly discovered evidence did not wholly commend itself to the son's more logical mind; he had, for the moment at least, a conviction that it foreshadowed a more simple and immediate, if less tragic, disaster than a visit to the Pacific Coast.
He was, after all, but one of a large number of heroes who, throughout the world, devoted their lives to the Revolution; though it must be conceded that he did unusual work, especially in his elaboration and interpretation of working-class philosophy.
When some desire that we should be ashamed of is attributed to us, we notice that we have never had it consciously, in the sense of saying to ourselves, "I wish that would happen." We therefore look for some other interpretation of our actions, and regard our friends as very unjust when they refuse to be convinced by our repudiation of what we hold to be a calumny.
The interpretation of unconscious wishes which I have been advocating has been set forth briefly by Professor John B.
Abruptly the right interpretation dawned upon my mind.
I suppose it was something of a compliment for a young fellow to be trusted, apparently without any supervision, by such a commander as Captain S-; though, as far as I can remember, neither the tone, nor the manner, nor yet the drift of Captain S-'s remarks addressed to myself did ever, by the most strained interpretation, imply a favourable opinion of my abilities.
Thus did Zarathustra relate his dream, and then was silent: for as yet he knew not the interpretation thereof.
Vronsky had never spoken to him of his passion, but he was aware that he knew all about it, and that he put the right interpretation on it, and he was glad to see that in his eyes.
Either one of these interpretations might explain his conduct as reasonably and as probably as the other.
Their initial efforts focused on sorting out the variables so as to begin to develop an organized interpretation of the system.
This third generation of self-report methodologies is more comprehensive and more specific and provides richer information to use during interpretation than did the earlier approaches.
To get an idea of what is at stake in that question and in the metaphysical enquiry that underlies it, let me start with a subsidiary question: What is the relation between the properties of an object and an interpretation of that object?