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Also, they didn't try to interrogate him when he was not in jail,"sources added.
The court had allowed the agency's application that in the interest of the case, it required to interrogate key accused afresh for the ongoing probe.
Hashed demanded to interrogate the two ministers as they are responsible to arrest the killers of three people killed in Al-Habelain, Lahj governorate on 9th July 2009.
If I may suggest tongue in cheek, if Pakistan can't interrogate the suspects, will they allow us to interrogate them?
But it is the product of our contemporary moment, which begs us to interrogate the organic and machinic phyla anew--revealing that the body of the hybrid is mortal, and sags, and faces an end more like humus than rust.
EUROPEAN Union human rights chiefs and the Red Cross are to investigate claims that the CIA set up secret jails in eastern Europe and elsewhere to interrogate al Qaida suspects.
Do I personally believe that the police or any of these other legal agencies that are working for this government should be entitled to interrogate people and do the things that I do on the show?
They proceeded to separate them and interrogate them for the next 11 hours.
The tool provides the ability to interrogate planned schedules up to a year ahead, and a range of interactive query and reporting functions are overlaid onto this data, providing users with market intelligence on worldwide passenger and cargo air transport.
Supreme Court rejected with the lower court's reasoning in Elstad and found that the purpose of the pause in the burglary suspect's living room, where he first acknowledged being at the scene of the crime, was not to interrogate him but, rather, to inform his mother of the reason for the arrest.
We'll be able to interrogate a T cell and then an antigen-presenting cell separately.
Some early modern treatise writers started to interrogate the idea of children as property in both government and family.