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INTInterface (Cisco networking)
IntIntended (virus scanners)
INTInterior (screenwriting)
INTInterference (baseball)
INTInterception (football)
INTInstitut National des Telecommunications
INTInterrogative (used with TTY/CW)
INTIsaac Newton Telescope (part of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on La Palma)
INTI'll Never Tell
INTIntegral/Integrate (mathematics)
INTWinston-Salem, NC, USA - Smith Reynolds (Airport Code)
INTIntelligent Narrative Technologies
INTIntegrating Module of the National Energy Modeling System (US DoE, NEMS)
INTIntercomputer Link
INTIntermittent Needle Therapy
INTInstitut National du Tapis (French: National Carpet Institute)
INTIntegration Hardware Subsystem
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I was saying," said the intruder, without attending to the interrogatives, - "I was saying that I am not at all pushed for time - that the business upon which I took the liberty of calling, is of no pressing importance - in short, that I can very well wait until you have finished your Exposition.
The Berg Interrogative Biology(TM) platform integrates molecular data directly from a patient with clinical and demographic information to learn predictive patterns.
I am using the word "tendency" following Maynard (1995: 522), since her rhetorical interrogative iii and some of iv are directed toward the addressee.
The development of the interrogatives into relatives seems to begin in certain types of indirect questions where the interrogative character of the pronoun has become weakened, its meaning approaching that of a generalising relative (e.
Descriptive analogies are offered by the director to supplement new information, and interrogative analogies are offered by the builder to request or "counteroffer" new information.
com is the only website that conjugates 15,000 verbs in all 3 forms, affirmative, interrogative, and negative, in all tenses and persons.
About the Berg Interrogative Biology(TM) Platform Berg's application of machine-learning (Artificial Intelligence) in biology and medicine allows for a combination of systems biology and systems engineering leading to well defined answers on human health.
And, I confess, as Sir Trevor McDonald quizzed him with all the interrogative intensity of Sir David Frost grilling Mother Theresa, I was reduced to hurling a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse at the screen, thus traumatising the cats for the rest of the night.
This Sort": In a plane, plot, or gravitational pull, negative or interrogative.
Talmudic literature that deals with law and the interpretation of the laws in the Hebrew Scriptures] Out of this seemingly intractable conflict, DuBowski fashioned a sympathetic, interrogative portrait that shook the film festival circuit, garnering numerous awards (including Official Selection at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival's coveted Teddy Award for Best Documentary) and generating a sensation among Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike.
Aculab TTS can also bring benefits such as non-declarative intonation, allowing interrogative statements to be produced.
The adoption of interrogative torture, the herding in of Iraqis en mass and the general poisoning of relations with the local inhabitants, makes little sense in light of such policy documents as the 9/11 Commission Report, which used the old messianic language of freedom to encourage the promotion of American 'values' and democracy in other countries caught in the wedge between fundamentalism and 'modernity'.