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INTInterface (Cisco networking)
INTIntended (virus scanners)
INTInterior (screenwriting)
INTInterference (baseball)
INTInterception (football)
INTInstitut National des Telecommunications
INTInterrogative (used with TTY/CW)
INTInformation Networking and Telecommunications (various schools)
INTIndus Net Technologies (India)
INTIntegrated Network Terminator
INTIsaac Newton Telescope (part of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on La Palma)
INTI'll Never Tell
INTIntegral/Integrate (mathematics)
INTWinston-Salem, NC, USA - Smith Reynolds (Airport Code)
INTAd Interim Specification (US Navy)
INTIntelligent Narrative Technologies
INTIntegrating Module of the National Energy Modeling System (US DoE, NEMS)
INTIntercomputer Link
INTIntermittent Needle Therapy
INTInstitut National du Tapis (French: National Carpet Institute)
INTIntelligence and Law Enforcement Division (US Navy)
INTIntegration Hardware Subsystem
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Distributing interrupt requests of multiple network adapters to different CPU cores is informed by [14].
Of course, I have to interrupt them in a way they enjoy.
When the handheld device has entered the rest condition from motion longer than a certain amount of time, the accelerometer will send an interrupt signal from low to high rising edge on INT1 pin.
Earlier trials that randomly assigned people to interrupt or not interrupt treatment found higher rates of new AIDS and non-AIDS complications in people who took antiretroviral breaks.
It is not a matter of whether to interrupt, but when to interrupt the guests," Al Nughaimish said.
However, for a father whose identity is strongly tied to the physical affection he gives his child (possibly more likely with younger children or infants), not being able to be close to his child may severely interrupt identity confirmation.
Another key status return capability is that the Set Device Bits FIS can notify the host that multiple commands have been completed at the same time, ensuring that the host receives just one interrupt for multiple command completions.
Actually, there are four elements that contribute to the overall delay between an interrupt and the time the associated application program starts to run: interrupt latency, interrupt handler duration, scheduler latency, and scheduling duration.
If your storytopping bud only tops your tales of good fortune (she interrupts your news of getting the lead in the play with a story about accidentally flashing the audience during her dance recital), it's possible your successes plays on her insecurities.
What factors could interrupt activities with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and the Internet?
Polling is expensive, especially when I/O events are relatively rare, as is the case with disks, which seldom interrupt more than a few hundred times per second.
As the three-hour-plus meeting progressed, the audience, including many owners of smaller rental apartment properties, became restive and, as I indicated earlier, several of them felt the need to interrupt speakers and shout out their frustration with the industry's seemingly intractable problems.