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INTERVIEWSIt's Now The Extra Really Very Interesting End Wrap-up Story (Kids Next Door)
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She was strictly alone; with the exception of her short interviews with the milliner, she conversed with no one.
This is not a supposed case; I have met with several individuals like the one described, and I have been present at two or three of their interviews with strangers.
Several interviews were requisite, and much bargaining, before he could be brought to part with a bristle of his bacon, and then he insisted upon being paid in hard Spanish dollars; giving as a reason that he wanted money to purchase a frigate from his brother George, as he affectionately termed the king of England.
My interviews with my wife had become so brief and so rarely solitary, that I had no opportunity of perceiving these images in her mind with more definiteness.
As it was, Madame de Bellegarde used to give him news of the dress she meant to wear at his wedding, and which had not yet, in her creative imagination, in spite of many interviews with the tailor, resolved itself into its composite totality.
In his interviews with Georgiana, Aylmer generally made minute inquiries as to her sensations and whether the confinement of the rooms and the temperature of the atmosphere agreed with her.
Unfortunately I had had some irritating interviews during the day.
She doesn't knock about Paris with me by the hour; she contents herself with long interviews in the petit salon, with the curtains half-drawn, beginning at about three o'clock, when every one is a la promenade.
His prices for these interviews worked out, as a rule, at about three cents a word.
Richard was a little grave after these interviews, but invariably told Ada and me that it was all right, and then began to talk about something else.
There are no valentines, no stolen interviews, no riding out, no courting in dim parlors, no lovers' quarrels and reconciliations--no nothing that is proper to approaching matrimony.
And now, gentlemen, I have one or two little interviews this evening, and it is a long drive to Hampstead.