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ENTERO-Intestinal (Prefix)
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4],[5],[6],[7] In some severe infectious events, such as intestinal fistula, the coagulation state is mainly hypocoagulable.
A high-fat-diet-induced immune reaction causes inflammation leading to intestinal cancer even if one is not obese, suggested the study.
Instead of exposing a patient to drug treatments that may be costly, ineffective or carry harmful side effects, scientists could use the individual's own stem cells to produce a duplicate of the intestinal lining on an Intestine-Chip and test multiple drugs on it.
A by-product of this process is short-chained fatty acids which are important for the body, providing energy, stimulating intestinal movement and having an anti-inflammatory effect.
These findings indicate that TFF3 attenuates LPS-induced cell damage, and TFF3 mRNA expression is influenced by LPS and rhTFF3 in intestinal mucous epithelial cells in piglets.
Intestinal obstruction causes failure of the intestine functions, leading to an increase of intestinal toxins, high intestinal pressure, bacterial translocation and malnutrition (1).
Four main species of intestinal worms (also known as soil-transmitted helminths) affect almost a quarter of the worlds poorest and mostly marginalized people.
Cada vez son mas los cientificos que estan convencidos de que la causa de las molestias que se manifiestan con el colon irritable podria ser una barrera intestinal danada, por la que podrian pasar sustancias nocivas y agentes patogenos hasta la pared intestinal, causando asi los sintomas.
El volvulo intestinal es una complicacion rara durante el embarazo caracterizado por dolor abdominal, distension, nauseas y vomitos con una incidencia del 3%.
Intestinal obstruction due to congenital intestinal malrotation is usually diagnosed in neonates but may, in rare cases, occur during pregnancy.
La neumatosis intestinal es la presencia de aire en la pared del tracto gastrointestinal (1-7) y corresponde a un signo imaginologico (1-3,6,8,9).
Intestinal obstruction refers to a situation when the intestinal contents cannot be forced further in aboral direction.