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ITORPIntraLATA (Local Access and Transport Area) Toll Originating Responsibility Plan (telecommunications)
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Other than local service, wireless service, IntraLATA toll and hardware to support voice, data and video applications, Southwestern Bell will also provide the following:
"We're pleased to partner with Bell Atlantic to provide its customers with a single high-speed data solution for both interlata and intralata locations," said Leo Welsh, president of IXC's wholesale services.
BellSouth serves more than 23 million local telephone lines and provides local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecommunications networks in the world.
Its principal requirement was the structural separation of AT&T from the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs).(1) Upon separation, the former would provide inter-local access and transport areas (LATAs), long-distance services (both interstate and intrastate), while the latter would provide local exchange and relatively short-haul intraLATA long-distance services.
"Even within their regions, they have been prohibited from running their own long-distance backbones because they cannot offer intraLATA services.
The upshot of these policies is that AT&T, MCI, and Sprint presently supply 90 percent of all intraLATA long-distance service, with the remainder being supplied by a competitive fringe of about 500 firms.
Originally prohibiting long distance carriers from offering intraLATA (local access transport area) service, the MFJ-defined LATAs are based on a "community of interest" concept, rather than area codes or state boundaries.
Doing business as Southern Bell in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida and as South Central Bell in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, BellSouth serves some 20 million local telephone lines and provides local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecom networks in the world.
This financial risk to ratepayers is an unavoidable consequence of the fact that the LECs continue to have monopoly power in their principal markets,(12) that is, basic local service, intraLATA toll, and intrastate and interstate access services: In such cases of demonstrable market failure, regulators must intervene and some government decision making must occur.
Furthermore, most of the states already have allowed long-distance companies to provide intraLATA service in competition with the Bell companies.
Pacific Bell announced it can now transfer data files using the company's intralata SS7 network as the transport method.
BellSouth is a telecommunications holding company whose two telephone operating companies, South Central Bell and Southern Bell, provide local and intraLATA long distance services in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and North and South Carolina.
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