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IUFDintrauterine fetal death
IUFDIn Utero Fetal Demise
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A retrospective study to evaluate etiological factors associated with intrauterine fetal death at tertiary referral centre.
Low-dose vaginal misoprostol in the management of intrauterine fetal death. J Matern Fetal Neonate Med 2011;24(10):123-942.
Ultrasound confirmed intrauterine fetal death. Autopsy examination revealed pulmonary hypoplasia and hypoplastic skull bones with wide sutures.
In previous studies, RSA has been reported to have a similar pathogenesis to that of placental dysfunction complications, such as preeclampsia, intrauterine fetal death, oligohydramnios, small for gestational age children, placental abruption, and spontaneous preterm birth.
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The intrauterine fetal death is the term for a stillbirth after the 28th gestational week11.
We made a diagnosis of a term intrauterine fetal death with a previous caesarean section scar.
Third trimester intrauterine fetal death caused by arterial aneurysm of the umbilical cord.
These results are consistent with studies done by Faiz et al4 and Tuzovic et al.5 In our study the intrauterine fetal death rate was quite high (16% stillborn).
This is in discordance with the literature that already reported a greater indication of fetal heart screening for increased nuchal translucency [6], intrauterine fetal death in previous pregnancy [3], finding abnormal prenatal sonographic [22, 23], and family history of a child with CHD [24].
Intrauterine fetal death (IUFD) was defined as death of the fetus inutero after 20 weeks gestation.
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