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IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IVFIntel Visual Fortran (computing)
IVFInstitute of Vegetables and Flowers (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; China)
IVFIntra Vic Format
IVFIndeo Video File
IVFIntegrated Vehicle Fluids (spaceflight)
IVFIntervertebral Foramen
IVFIdiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation
IVFImmediate Visual Feedback (computer-assisted language education)
IVFIntel Video Technology (filename extension)
IVFIntravascular Fluid (plasma)
IVFIntra-Venous Fluids
IVFInadequate for in Vitro Fertilization
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A simple bedside sonography of inferior vena cava diameter correlate well with extremes of CVP values and can be helpful in assessing intravascular fluid status in these patients.
There was no evidence of intravascular fluid absorption manifesting as significant change in serum sodium levels perioperatively, and serum sodium concentration remained between 132 and 147 meq/L.
Effect of acute hypoxia on vaso pressin release and intravascular fluid during dynamic exercise in humans.
Albumin creates the oncotic pressure in the intravascular fluid compartment allowing for the movement of fluid from interstitial tissue to intravascular space (Amato, et al.
The concept that hypoalbuminaemia directly causes oedema due to fluid extravasation can be challenged, as there is insufficient intravascular fluid to cause any significant expansion of the interstitial space.
That study of nearly 500 patients confirmed that albumin is independently associated with mortality in TBI patients when it is used for intravascular fluid resuscitation in the first 28 days.
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