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IVPIntravenous Pyelogram
IVPInter-Varsity Press
IVPIn Vitro Embryo Production
IVPIntravenous Pyelography
IVPInitial Value Problem
IVPInstallation Verification Procedure
IVPInvalid Packet
IVPInterior Versatility Pack
IVPItalian Village Pizza
IVPIntravenous Push
IVPInstituto do Vinho do Porto (Portugal)
IVPInternational Volunteers for Peace
IVPInnovation Valley Partners (Battelle Venture; NewJersey)
IVPInternational Visiting Professor (various schools)
IVPInternal Vice President
IVPInertial Vector Propagator (astronomy)
IVPInternational Visits Program (US DoD)
IVPInternet Video Phone
IVPIntervoice Voice Portal
IVPIllinois Valley Plastics (est. 1953)
IVPInstructional Vice Principal (various schools)
IVPIntegrated Vacuum Processing
IVPIndividually Vacuum Packed (food processing)
IVPInnovation Program (education)
IVPInstitutional Venture Partner(s)
IVPIntegrated Voice Processing
IVPIpion Virtual Physics
IVPIntegrated Voice Protocol
IVPInstall Verification Procedure
IVPInitial Visit Period
IVPInteractive Voice Protocol
IVPInteractive Video Production (New Jersey)
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Intravenous Pyelography (IVP): Intravenous Pyelography (IVP) is useful in confirming duplication systems, function of kidneys and other anatomic abnormalities.
Two days before, she underwent SWL at a local clinic for left upper ureteral stone, initially diagnosed by intravenous pyelography (IVP) (Fig.
1,2] Both compared helical CT with intravenous pyelography (IVP) and used the gold standard of recovery and direct visualization of a stone.
The day after he underwent colostomy, we performed an intravenous pyelography which showed normal kidneys and urethra.
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