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IFIntermediate Frequency (radio/communications systems)
IFIn Fact
IFInternational Falls (city on the Minnesota/Canada border)
IFIndia Forum (India)
IFInteractive Fire (insurance)
IFInteractive Fiction
IFInvolved Field (radiotherapy)
IFIndustrial Facilities
IFInstitute for the Future
IFIndustrial Fund
IFInput File (Linux command line)
IFInformation Flow
IFIntegrated Farm
IFImpact Factor
IFIntegration Facility
IFIntelligence Flight
IFIntelligent Finance (Halifax Group)
IFInternational Federation (sports)
IFInteraction Forum
IFIntelligence Fusion
IFIntegration Framework
IFImmediate Frequency
IFIntermediate Fix
IFIce Fog
IFInternational Fleet (game and book)
IFInternal Focusing
IFInternal Flush
IFInterference (Dutch electro artist)
IFIndirect Fire
IFIn Flames (band)
IFIsolation Filter
IFIsolation Function
IFInitiation Factor
IFInterference Filter
IFInstruction Fetch
IFInternally Flawless (2nd highest quality of diamond)
IFInternal Fixation
IFIntermittent Fasting (dieting)
IFIntrinsic Factor
IFIncremental Funding
IFInformation Directorate (at AFRL)
IFInstantaneous Frequency
IFIntermediate Filament (genetics)
IFIdaho Falls (Idaho)
IFIntrinsically Funny
IFInterstitial Fluid
IFInfield (baseball/softball)
IFIronforge (World of Warcraft city)
IFInvisionFree (Invision Power Board)
IFIntermediate Filament (cytoskeletal component)
IFInduction Furnace (metal melting)
IFIndependent Force
IFInternational Fleet (Ender's Game novel)
IFInterrupt Flag
IFIndemnité Forfaitaire (French: Liquidated Damage)
IFInstant Form (software)
IFInterferential Stimulation
IFInterference Field
IFIntruders Foundation
IFIntake Fraction (the fraction of a pollutant which is inhaled by humans)
IFInterface Freeze
IFIntrinsic Free (steel)
IFIntermediate Forward
IFInland Fetch (line)
IFIngenico Fortronic Ltd
IFIntelligent Field Co., Ltd. (Japan)
IFIntercept and Broadcast (US Navy)
IFInternationally Flawless (diamonds)
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It was noticed in Table 3 that Intrinsic Factor is the average of the scores on motivations 3, 2 and 6; in addition, the Income Factor is the average of scores on motivation 8, 4, 1 and 7.
Studies dating back to the 1950s showed that [B.sub.12] could be absorbed orally in patients with pernicious anemia, and that two mechanisms of absorption of [B.sub.12] exist: one involving intrinsic factor and one that does not (J.
He was diagnosed with atrophic autoimmune gastritis and secondary loss of intrinsic factor and he was recommended to continue the B12 vitamin treatment.
Blood specimens were investigated for complete blood cell count folic acid vitamin B12 intrinsic factor parietal cell antibodies and holotranscoblamine II.
Intrinsic factor is a protein that makes its way into the intestines to be available for a later step in the [B.sub.12] pathway.
Intrinsic factor antibody testing, automated diagnosis of pernicious anemia.
Adult students may be more motivated by the intrinsic factor such as the desire to learn the course material, and not the concern for the grade.
Your body may not lye making a substance called intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is needed for vitamin B12 absorption.
The vitamin--found in foods such as fish, dairy foods, meat, poultry, eggs and fortified cereals--can't be used by the body until it combines with a digestive protein called intrinsic factor secreted by the stomach.
Vitamin B12 then combines with a substance called intrinsic factor before it's absorbed into the bloodstream.
Pernicious anaemia is B12 deficiency arising from the lack of intrinsic factor required for the enteric absorption of the vitamin.
Once released, B12 combines with a substance called intrinsic factor (IF) before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.