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INTROIndividual Newcomer Treatment & Orientation
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INTRO COUNT, MANAGER COUNT, and ANALYST COUNT indicate word counts, in thousands, for the separate portions of the conference calls.
Passing Intro 1447 would be a setback to civil rights efforts and make it harder for black and brown workers to gain good construction jobs in their communities.
The Intro to Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) course is an excellent introduction to penetration testing.
A crack intro turned into a manifestation of technological proficiency, but also of deviance (Becker, 1963; Goode & Ben-Yehuda, 2009/1994).
Lane Farm run four championship dressage leagues at intro, prelim, novice and elementary level.
The LinkedIn Intro service would work until March 7th, after which it will be shut off completely.
The researchers state that LinkedIn Intro redirects e-mail traffic to and from users' iPhones and iPads through LinkedIn's servers, then examines those e-mails for relevant data and adds relevant LinkedIn details.
With technologies that are portable and digital, skipping a non-engaging intro is easy for the listener.
Nib intro intro 8 followed by Nib body * WELSH Universities finished second at the biennial Home Nations tournament in Nottingham.
TEESSIDE'S music scene has reacted with disappointment to the scrapping of this year's Intro festival.
MUsE- KnIgHts OF CynDOnIA- great intro, excellent hypnotic riffs throughout, its impossible not to break out the air guitar while hearing belamy work his magic.
Possibly to keep the boredom away, Smith cooked up a new intro to The XX's "Intro" for live shows.