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INVTInventory (usually seen as INV)
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This is an exact inventory of what we found about the body of the man-mountain, who used us with great civility, and due respect to your majesty's commission.
When this inventory was read over to the emperor, he directed me, although in very gentle terms, to deliver up the several particulars.
The valet bowed and retired, and Albert returned to his inventory.
Bucket with a wax-light in his hand, holding it above his head and taking a sharp mental inventory of the many delicate objects so curiously at variance with himself, would be to see a sight--which nobody DOES see, as he is particular to lock himself in.
An inventory of linen, in coarse and modern characters, seemed all that was before her
Instead of measuring quantity changes based on the number of units of specific goods in ending inventory, the taxpayer computes, for the pool as a whole, the net change in inventory investment measured in terms of equivalent value dollars.
Under LIFO, changing prices for various components of manufactured or purchased inventory are reflected immediately in the cost of goods sold rather than being capitalized in inventory.
It was not untypical for companies to have inventory turns of 5 or fewer per year, with inventory tying up financial assets equal to 30-40% of annual sales.
7% increase in inventory of condominiums and co-ops in Chelsea in all categories since January 15, 2004.
Still, doing a good job of managing capital assets and equipment inventory requires cooperation across many functions of the institution: purchasing, business office, physical plant operations, grants management, principal investigators, space planning, and others.
As new orders arrive, inventory moves in and out of the warehouse, and data changes quickly.