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II2 (Roman numeral)
IIImage(ry) Interpreter/Interpretation
IIInstitutional Investor (investment magazine)
IIInternational Institute (various organizations)
IIItem Identification
IIIncident Investigation
IIInventory Item
IIInteractive Investor
IIIllegal Immigrant
IIIon Implantation
IIInstitutional Infrastructure
IIInterval International
IIImage Intensifier (Passive Night Vision Usage)
IIInternet Infidels
IIImposto de Importação (Brazil)
IIIntestinal Ischemia
IIIslamic Institute
IIInformation Interoperability
IIIkebana International
IIInspection Instruction
IIBiremis (Latin: Biremes, epigraphy)
IIInterview and Interrogations
IIInterchangeable Item (US DoD)
IIIce Imp (gaming)
IIImus Institute
III Hear & I Understand
IIIcyIcy (band)
IIInformation Indicator Digits (telecommunications)
IIInterim Isolated
IIInfinite Innovation Ltd (IT/Internet solution company)
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GAAP indicates a general preference toward applying the LCM rule on an individual-item basis, especially for nonmanufacturers; however, for companies that utilize several different inventory items in combination (i.e., manufacturers) to create a given end product, it might be more appropriate to combine those inventory items for purposes of the LCM calculation.
If inventory items are tagged, auditors will be able to track their flow from initial receipt to ultimate disposition.
The capability to determine the cost of an inventory item accurately is crucial when developers of inventory ordering models address the myriad issues encountered in inventory cost containment efforts.
The regulations do not limit the definition of inventory items to items held primarily for sale to customers in the ordinary course of a trade or business, but they provide for a very broad definition to include realized and unrealized accounts receivables.
The Service changed Sterling's method of accounting to treat the bargain-purchased inventory items as separate items from subsequently produced goods, effectively increasing the value of Sterling's inventory as of the end of the 1984 tax year by the bargain element in the 1978 inventory purchase; Kohler's 1984 taxable income was increased accordingly under Sec.
Unlike the specific-goods method (which measures inventory increases or decreases based solely on quantity changes of specific items), the dollar-value method measures inventory increases and decreases using base-year dollars as the unit of quantity measure, Under dollar-value LIFO, a number of related inventory items are grouped into a pool.
The two systems operate on a single automated component, the iBOT wireless, robotic delivery vehicles, which navigate along an integrated track system to retrieve, store or sort inventory items. Able to move horizontally and vertically, iBOTs have access to 100% of the storage and sort locations in their aisle.
Once a player picks up the weapon, he/she will drop all other inventory items aside from building materials.
Now, the 50 cameras cease to be Inventory items in the warehouse to become Assets in that new branch.
CribMaster, a Stanley Black & Decker brand, has launched its FlexSenseTM, the company's latest innovation in inventory management that automatically monitors and reorders inventory items to keep critical parts in stock.
This amounts to P129.7 million worth of inventory items out of the city's P486 million year-end balances.
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