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Quitting the investment subject, after an interval of silent looking at the fire through the smoke of his pipe, he told Pancks how and why he was occupied with the great National Department.
His last investment, made shortly before the birth of Miranda (named in a lively hope of favors which never came), was a small farm two miles from Temperance.
"The Rockefellers went into gas and electricity when those industries had developed to the safe investment stage.
I'm not at all sure that she would approve of my helping you to this investment.'
There were only thirty-two words, but in six years these words represented an investment of a million dollars apiece.
The business was established and had old roots; is it not one thing to set up a new gin-palace and another to accept an investment in an old one?
You'd have to set the lawyer to work now to find an investment, and make no end o' expense."
So Jo was satisfied with the investment of her prize money, and fell to work with a cheery spirit, bent on earning more of those delightful checks.
"Be content - is it nothing that I refrained from advising you about investments?"
I am not suggesting that they are likely to succeed, but I do think it possible that one of them may ask you questions concerning certain investments in which I am interested.
Part of his money is supposed to be in the Funds, and part laid out in railway investments, which have survived the panic of eighteen hundred and forty-six, and are rapidly rising in value.
Groves, the butler, who read the money articles in the Standard every morning with solemn interest and who was suspected of investments, announced that from what he could make out the governor must have landed a tidy little lump yesterday.