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IBInterface Bus
IBInternational Business (various organizations)
IBIkonboard (web forum software)
IBInternational Baccalaureate
IBIntroducing Broker
IBInformation Bulletin
IBIntelligence Bureau (India, Pakistan)
IBIberia (Spanish airlines)
IBInteractive Brokers LLC
IBIslas Baleares (Balearic Islands)
IBInfiniBand (I/O specification, formerly called System I/O)
IBInternet Business
IBI'm Back
IBInterface Builder (Apple Computers)
IBIn Bond
IBIn Band
IBInternational Bank
IBInternational Bureau (FCC)
IBIndian Bank
IBIbidem (Latin: In the Same Place; IBID is more common)
IBInvestment Banker
IBInstruction Book
IBI'm Bored
IBInformation Bureau
IBInquiry Board
IBInterface Board
IBIce Breaker
IBInput Buffer
IBInclusion Body
IBInfectious Bronchitis (poultry viral disease)
IBIndustrial Base
IBInternational Boundary
IBInternet Bank
IBInvision Board (message board)
IBInstituto Balseiro (Bariloche, Argentina)
IBInvestigator's Brochure
IBIce Block (gaming, World of Warcraft)
IBIndividual Budgets (UK)
IBIdiot Box (band)
IBIntelligence Branch
IBInhaled Budesonide
IBIntermediate Body
IBInitial Budget
IBIk Bedoel (Dutch: I Mean)
IBIthaca Bakery (Ithaca, NY)
IBIncline Bench (weight lifting)
IBIncendiary Bomb
IBIllinois Bell
IBInduction Brazing
IBIssue Book
IBInvoice Book
IBInner Bottom (Shipbuilding)
IBInbye (mining)
IBInstruction Buffer
IBInterdit Bancaire (France)
IBInvestment Bureau
IBInformation Briefing
IBIndependent Bottler (Scotch whisky)
IBIndicator Bit (ITU-T)
IBInteractive Broadcasting (Internet company)
IBIncest Baby
IBIndustrial Brownhoist
IBIntegrated Battlefield
IBIdentification Beacon
IBIntegration Backbone
IBInternational Bacheloriate
IBIntermediate Break
IBInitial Bath
IBImpact Burst
IBDirectie Internationaal Beleid (Dutch: direction for international politics)
IBImport Bulletin
IBIrregular Billing
IBInformation before Learning Task (online education)
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While the regulations do not permit mere allocations between deductible and nondeductible amounts, it remains to be seen whether Treasury will accept allocations made by the investment bankers themselves to the various services they provided, based on informed recollections of the course of the engagement, even though such allocations may not be supported by time and expense records.
What happens if interest rates have plunged and the corporation owes the investment banker $20 million in intrinsic value on the short T-note call?
Thus, the importance of investment banker certification for SEO firms remains an open empirical question.
Finally, in a firm commitment offering (rather than a best-efforts deal), the investment banker agrees to buy all the shares the issuer offers.
And indeed he did: the best network of stock speculators, lawyers, and investment bankers on Wall Street.
To that end, the loan agreements often include a provision that the investment banker (or an affiliate) handle the refinancing.
Because of the seller's reputation and the credibility of its well-known investment banker, "we went into it with some degree of confidence that the chance of things not being where they were supposed to be was small.
In 1992, when we finally decided to put the wheels in motion, we needed the best investment banker we could find to take us public.
Similarly, the equity investments of venture capital funds and investment bankers (operating as a partnership) may be treated as members of a single affiliated group.
While they find that the level of investment banker prestige varies inversely with the degree of IPO underpricing, they show that this relationship disappears after adjusting for risk.
An investment banker was engaged to assist in the target's defense of the takeover attempt.
Now that investment banking defines those things, he is an investment banker.
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