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IEXInformation Exchange
IEXIon Exchange (chromatography)
IEXIrish Enterprise Exchange (est. 2005)
IEXIndian Energy Exchange (New Delhi, India)
IEXInternational Expert
IEXInter-Exchange Carrier
IEXIon Exchange Experiment
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The End-User of the Ion Exchange Resin is the Egyptian Nuclear Material
List of key developments in the ion exchange membrane market made by major players
To effectively identify the ion exchange rate of the chemical replacement process in the different leaching phases, all phase detections of REO were conducted every hour during leaching.
For the analysis of ion exchange capacity of individual polymers in desalination cells, the polymerization charge of the polymer at the counterelectrode was typically 50% higher than that of the working electrode.
The key players in the Ion Exchange Resins market include, Dow Chemical, Eichrom Technologies Inc., Ion Exchange Ltd., Lanxess AG, Mitsubishi Chemical's, Novasep Holding S.A.S., Rohm & Haas, Purolite, Resintech Inc.
The ion exchange plant is on tap to be completed on June 24.
Several methods such as reverse osmosis ion exchange adsorption coagulation precipitation and electro coagulation have been used for the removal of excess fluoride nitrate and arsenic from drinking water.
Suitable anion exchange resins include any ion exchange resin consisting of a cation bound to a crosslinked polymer.
The limited dimensions of the apertures, which control access to these small cavities, are frequently given as a factor limiting the ion exchange reaction (GIANETTO et al., 2000).
Reaction conditions for preparations of modified rice straw, phosphorus content, degree of substitution, and ion exchange capacity of the modified rice straw are shown in Table 2.
Different samples of zirconium tungstovanadate were prepared by the sol-gel method through addition of mixture of 50 mL ammonium metavanadate and 50 mL sodium tungstate into 150 mL zirconium oxychloride solution in different molar ratios in presence of HCl gradually with continuous stirring of the mixture in order to get a stable product with good ion exchange properties using magnetic stirrer.
International Resource News-September 24, 2013--Thermax increases price of TULSION(R) ion exchange resins(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing -