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The objective of this laboratory investigation was to evaluate the heavy metal and ammonium removal during a polishing treatment of artificially polluted solutions in order to compare the capacity and selectivity of different sorbents during the treatment process and to confirm that the FAZs have an advantage over other ion exchangers taking into account their much lower cost and ion selectivity.
The porous monolith ion exchanger was prepared by polymerization of water-in-oil emulsions without stirring as described in Reference 7.
Hybrid ion exchanger are prepared with Mn(OH)2 Cu(OH)2 and Fe(OH)3 using Amberlite IR-120 H+ as host material.
The effect of these parameters has been investigated in several studies due to the importance of biotite's mineral stability in the applications of biotite as an ion exchanger [45, 46]
This paper reports on ion sensing characteristics of the porous ion exchanger for various inorganic ions.
Ion exchangers belong to a class of insoluble salts containing acids or bases.
2001), these elements are efficient ion exchangers for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions.
Recovering even small amounts of metal Traditionally, metal ions are removed from solutions with the help of chemical coagulants or ion exchangers, which usually require adjustments to the solution's pH or significant extra energy in order to function efficiently.
Ion exchangers are the older and somewhat less sophisticated technology.
Union Showa also manufactures and develops various Ion Exchangers at its Yokkaichi Plant, Mie Prefecture for nuclear waste remediation.