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IRRIranian Rial (ISO currency code)
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRRIndividual Ready Reserve
IRRInterest Rate Risk
IRRInternet Routing Registry
IRRInactive Ready Reserve
IRRInstitute for Religious Research (Grand Rapids, MI)
IRRImplementing Rules and Regulations
IRRInstitute of Race Relations (UK)
IRRIntegra Realty Resources (New York, NY)
IRRInfra Red Remote
IRRInitial Return Rate
IRRInterracial Relationship
IRRIndependent Race and Refugee (news network; Institute of Race Relations)
IRRIntermediate Ring Road (India)
IRRInterrupt Request Register
IRRIndiana Rail Road
IRRIntegral Rocket Ramjet (propulsion system)
IRRInspection Rejection Report
IRRInternational Radio Regulations (various locations)
IRRIonising Radiations Regulations
IRRImage Rejection Ratio
IRRInformation Request Response
IRRIn-Plan Roth Rollover (tax device)
IRRInvestigative Records Repository
IRRIntegrative Research Review (methodology)
IRRInfrared Reflectography
IRRIntegrated Readiness Report (US DoD)
IRRInitial Response Resources
IRRIntegrated Resource Recovery
IRRIndividual Retirement Record
IRRImplementation Readiness Review
IRRInstitute of Resource Recovery
IRRIntegrated Radio Room
IRRInternal Recall Recorder (Telex Vega)
IRRInterface Requirements Review
IRRInfra-red Radiometer
IRRImmediate Reroute
IRRInitial Requirements Review
IRRIonizing Radiations Regulations
IRRInitial Return Rate (TL 9000)
IRRIntelligence Radar Reporting
IRRInterim Research Review
IRRIndependent Referencing Review
IRRIntegral Rocket Engine
IRRIron Road Railways, Inc.
IRRInstitute for the Recovery from Racisms
IRRInspect and Repair as Required
IRRInstallation Readiness Report
IRRInfusion-Related Reaction
IRRInvestment Return Ratio (economics)
IRRIssues Relating to Research
IRRInterference Reduction Ratio
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During his closing remarks, the Director of Puntland Immigration and Neutralization Directorate Mohamed Abdi Farah stated: Through this training, the immigration officers gained knowledge on human trafficking, irregular migration and migrants rights which will enable them to detect, identify and provide support to victims of human trafficking that they identify at Puntland entry and exit points.
Examining how irregular migration became a problem in Spain, this book explores Spanish immigration governance to understand security practices at the Mediterranean borders, the role of immigrants, and the relationship between precarious work and precarious immigration status.
USA], Oct 23 ( ANI ): People with high thyroid hormone levels are at greater risk of developing irregular heart rhythm (known as atrial fibrillation) than those with lower levels.
7% of benign lesions while ill-defined margin like irregular & spiculated constituted 70% and 25% respectively in malignancies with none of them showing smooth margin.
The bonkers world of Irregular Choice came to Brum in the autumn of 2016.
Astronomers believe IC 3583 is a Type II irregular galaxy - one that was created as a result of a gravitational interaction with another nearby galaxy.
Nasir Shah and Said Broumi, Irregular Neutrosophic Graphs of vertices, is called the order of graph [G.
Published in April in Open Heart, the study found that the risk for irregular heartbeat--technically known as atrial fibrillation --is greatest among people younger than 60 and when the partner's death was least expected.
Those whose partners were relatively healthy in the month before death were 57 per cent more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat.
Majority of the isolates showed moderate to excellent sporulation with flat to raised, irregular to smooth grey colonies with presence or absence of sectoring.
This result implies that every graph G admits a decomposition into at most 6([log[chi](G)] + 1) subgraphs whose components are regular or locally irregular.
The performances of regular and irregular buildings under seismic loads are presented in [13-17].