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The woman in you is only incidental, accidental, and irrelevant.
But to soothe your uneasiness I will point out again that an Irrelevant world would be very amusing, if the women take care to make it as charming as they alone can, by preserving for us certain well-known, well- established, I'll almost say hackneyed, illusions, without which the average male creature cannot get on.
While Sancho Panza and his wife, Teresa Cascajo, held the above irrelevant conversation, Don Quixote's niece and housekeeper were not idle, for by a thousand signs they began to perceive that their uncle and master meant to give them the slip the third time, and once more betake himself to his, for them, ill-errant chivalry.
Facts were nothing to him, for beneath the mass of irrelevant incidents he looked for something significant to himself.
Even as it was, that feeling from time to time gave threats of its ultimate mastery, in sudden bursts of irrelevant exclamation.
That remark was so irrelevant that one could make no answer to it.
That was the line of his argument, and it was irrelevant enough to be almost insulting.
All other things that we state, such as that he is white, that he runs, and so on, are irrelevant to the definition.
Her mother gave irrelevant information by way of answer: "He called to see the doctor today in Shaston.
One line of support for the PL model comes from those studies that have demonstrated the non-additivity of the effects of articulatory suppression and irrelevant speech.
Generically, these are known as irrelevant sound studies.
Because human difference is manifest in embodiment, in the concrete delimitation of people and things, Paul's message relegates these very real differences between people to a low order of significance--so low, in fact, that they become irrelevant to the true spiritual nature of human beings.