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Both Isochronous Switching technique and Selective Harmonic Elimination technique have been applied to the proposed multilevel inverter.
Improved cycle time synchronization method for isochronous data transfer on wireless 1394 network.
Using GIS, it was possible to define the isochronous curves obtained by applying the Kriging model using socio-demographic information on the study area: 404,805 inhabitants living in 95,361 households in an area of about 39.3 Km2, according to socioeconomic stratum, where stratum 1 is households with low economic capacity and stratum 6 are households with high economic capacity (See Figure 2).
Based on the experimental data in Figure 5 and combined with the Boltzmann superposition principle [33], the isochronous curve of rocks shown in Figure 6 is obtained.
In the previous work [27], we have studied the existence of periodic orbits and their stability by using the classical averaging method for the three-particle time-dependent FPU chains, where the system can be regarded as a perturbation of isochronous system.
This method calculates two indices, the selected correlation (sc) and the mean Hilbert phase difference (mhpd) of two isochronous data windows of ABP and ICP data, whereby the sc value serves as a measure for the strength of correlation between the data windows and mhpd reflects the phasing between the data windows.
For example, the maximum number of limit cycles bifurcating from the periodic orbits of the quadratic isochronous centers of switching system was studied in [30].
It offers a 1 nanosecond bit performance and 6 nanosecond performance for floating point arithmetic, enabling up to 128 drive axes with isochronous operation in the 250-microsecond isochronous operation range to be connected without additional modules.
If no key frame is extracted from a video, then it will extract the appropriate number of key frames from the original video, in accordance with isochronous interval.
The potential source rocks of paleo-oils for the gases and the associated solid bitumen include Lower Cambrian black shale ([Cam.sub.1]), Lower Silurian Longmaxi Fm ([S.sub.1]l) mudstone and shale, Upper Permian Longtan Fm ([P.sub.3]l) or isochronous Wujiaping Fm ([P.sub.3]w) mudstone, shale, and marlstone, and Upper Permian Dalong Fm ([P.sub.3]d) or isochronous Changxing Fm ([P.sub.3]ch) shale and mudstone [24-26].