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The new results from ALMA show that methyl isocyanate gas surrounds each of these young stars.
pdf) a paper titled "First Detection of Methyl Isocyanate (CH3NCO) in a solar-type Protostar.
It was also observed that the total recoverable length of the high isocyanate PUs was longer after the test than before, reflecting the stress induced relaxation processes on the morphology.
Experimental animal studies or epidemiological studies have to be planned to establish a possible link between isocyanate and CEP.
This is due to the slow formation of the polymer film with the isocyanate groups remaining unreacted for prolonged periods (days and weeks) (9), (10) and from thermal decomposition of the polymer as a result of mechanical abrasion.
WD CARC has much lower levels of organic solvents but may actually contain increased amounts of prepolymers with hexamethylene diisocyanate, which is a type of isocyanate.
DATA SOURCES: We reviewed the published animal and human literature on isocyanate skin-exposure methods, workplace skin exposure, skin absorption, and the role of skin exposure in isocyanate sensitization and asthma.
If PUFs are obtained by using water as a blowing agent, the following main chemical reactions occur: urethane formation, reacting hydroxyl groups with the isocyanate groups (1):
SDK's isocyanate monomer, having an isocyanate group that easily combines with various substances, is added to and reacted with polymers to provide photo-setting function.
The alliance falls within the framework of the extension of isocyanate production capacity at the Yosu plant in South Korea, where BASF proposes to open a new factory in 2003 producing 140,000 tonnes of the isocyanate TDI per year.
Mondur[R] MA-2300 isocyanate and Mondur[R] PF-LT isocyanate are liquid MDI adducts that offer processors significantly improved freeze stability, but with processing and physical properties equal or superior to Bayer's Mondur[R] PF modified monomeric MDI product.
After a long delay, the government of India has released the results of its investigation into the causes of the tragic methyl isocyanate vapor leak from a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India (SN: 12/15/84, p.