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ISOLInformation Systems and Organisational Learning (Waterford Institute of Technology; Waterford, Ireland)
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When the isolated position of these small islands in the midst of a vast ocean -- their great distance from any land excepting that of coral formation, attested by the value which the inhabitants, who are such bold navigators, attach to a stone of any kind, [7] -- and the slowness of the currents of the open sea, are all considered, the occurrence of pebbles thus transported does appear wonderful.
aureus isolates tested, 217 and 71 were isolated from adults and children, respectively.
Duvenhage virus was isolated from a patient who died of a rabieslike disease after being scratched by a bat early in 2006.
How can SANs be opened up to allow more consolidation and flexibility while still maintaining the tight security and high availability of a closed, isolated network?
Her Active Isolated Flexibility (AIF) DVD advocates a unique rhythm: Each stretch is held for two seconds (about the length of an exhale) and then released for an inhale, or roughly two seconds.
The single largest barrier to using circulating DNA for cancer detection is the amount of circulating undegraded DNA that can be isolated is low, making it unsuitable for currently available assay technologies.
This configuration does not allow the gating system or side riser to feed the heavy sections properly and fails to eliminate shrinkage defects in these isolated masses.
These groups can run the gamut from religious cults to isolated communes of political extremists.
In early August, Army virologists isolated and cultured a deadly hantavirus likely associated with a disease outbreak that began in the southwestern United States last May.
Since 1985, nonpolio enterovirus (NPEV) surveillance data on isolates reported from March through May in the United States have been used to predict the serotypes likely to be isolated during July through December, which encompasses the period of the peak enterovirus activity.
Since oxacillin resistance has become a major problem in hospitals which leaves few therapeutic options and since the presence of pandemic clones indicates clonal dissemination of MRSA isolates, the aim of the present study was to perform molecular characterization of MRSA strains isolated from the University Hospital of the Botucatu School of Medicine (HCFMB), UNESP.