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ISO[not an acronym] common short name for the International Organization for Standardization; also see Iso- prefix
ISOInternational Standards Organization (common, but incorrect)
ISOInstead Of
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISOIn Support Of
ISOInternational Student Organization
ISOIsolation (sports play-calling, especially basketball)
ISOIsochronous (band)
ISOInformation Security Officer
ISOInformation Security Operations (various organizations)
ISOIndependent System Operator
ISOIsolated Power (baseball statistic)
ISOIncentive Stock Option
ISOInfrared Space Observatory
ISOInternational Socialist Organization
ISOInsurance Services Office, Inc. (CMSP and PLSP statistics are reported to this rate making organization)
ISOInsurance Service Organization
ISOIndianapolis Symphony Orchestra
ISOInternational Student Office (various universities)
ISOInternal Sales Order
ISOInternational Science Olympiad
ISOIndependent Sales Organization
ISOImperial Service Order
ISOIndependent Service Organization
ISOIndian Student Organization
ISOIndependent Sales Office
ISOImamia Students Organization (Pakistan)
ISOInformation Systems Office
ISOInformation Systems Officer
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ISOInterstedelijk Studenten Overleg (Netherlands student organization)
ISOIllinois Symphony Orchestra
ISOIstanbul Sanayi Odasi
ISOInformation Services Organisation (various locations)
ISOInstallation Safety Office
ISOIntensive Supervision Officer
ISOIsolierverglasung (German: insulating glass)
ISOIntermediary Services Organization
ISOIndependent Study Online (distance learning)
ISOInspection of Services
ISOIntraseasonal Oscillation
ISOIndustry Standards Organization (IEEE-ISTO)
ISOInternational Society of Organbuilders
ISOInsurance Support Organization
ISOInternational Scholar Office (University of California, San Diego)
ISOIsochronal Inspection (USAF; scheduled maintenance for aircraft)
ISOInspection of Supplies
ISOIntermarket Sweep Order (finance)
ISOKinston, NC, USA (Airport Code)
ISOImaging Spectrometric Observatory
ISOImperial Symphony Orchestra
ISOImpuesto de Solidaridad (Guatemala)
ISOIntegration Staff Officer
ISOIsrael Symphony Orchestra (est. 1988)
ISOIsochronical Inspection (USAF; phase of aircraft maintenance)
ISOIntelligence and Security Office(r)
ISOInternational Satellite Organization
ISOInstructional Services Office (various schools)
ISOInternal Service Order
ISOInstitutional Support Office
ISOInstallation Support Office
ISOInstallation Supply Officer
ISOInternet Sales Outlet
ISOOpen System Interfacing
ISOIstanbul Sanayi Odasý (Turkish: Istanbul Chamber of Industy)
ISOIndependent Scholar Option
ISOImmigrant Serving Organization (Canada)
ISOInterservice Support Office
ISOInternational Switch Operations
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Assessment of isometric muscle strength was performed in supine position with the dominant upper limb posture as follows: arm in the frontal plane at 90Adeg of abduction, elbow flexed at 90o in the sagittal plane, and forearm in pronation.
The mapping [alpha], [alpha](x,y) = (c(x),y), is an isometric immersion of [R.sup.2] into [R.sup.4], where c(x) is a curve in [R.sup.3] [congruent to] [R.sup.3] x{0}, x being the arc length parameter.
When analyzed by martial arts, the results of each showed a certain degree of increase in isometric strength, albeit reaching statistical significance only for taekwondo.
Blood pressure response to isometric exercise in patients with peripheral atherosclerotic disease.
The hamstring/quadriceps ratio remained nearly unchanged in the isokinetic group and decreased in the aerobic and isometric groups (p=0.172 and p=0.017, respectively); however, only this ratio was significant in the isometric group.
(25) Subjects then performed three maximal isometric plantar flexion (MIP) contractions and three maximal isometric knee extension (MIKE) contractions.
However, given the different muscle loading patterns possible during intermittent muscle exertions, it is important to achieve the same overall mean muscle load when comparing the findings from studies investigating prolonged isometric muscle exertions with intermittent isometric exertions (Dickerson et al., 2015).
Muscles were stimulated using single (1Hz) twitch stimulations with 1 minute rest periods to record isometric twitches, time to peak twitch tension (TPTT) and time taken to relax to 50% of its peak twitch tension or half relaxation time (HRT)7.
Following measurement of resting BP each participant's isometric handgrip maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) was determined for both the left and right hand, using a handgrip dynamometer (Zona Plus Hand Grip device, Zona Health B.