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ITERInternational Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
ITERInternational Toxicity Estimates for Risk
ITERIn-Training Evaluation Report (clinical performance)
ITERInternational Thermonuclear Energy Reactor
ITERInnovative Technology Evaluation Report
ITERInstitute of Technical Education and Research
ITERIndividual Tracking for Excellence Report
ITERIndependent Technical Evaluation Report
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Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun and stars, and "harnessing fusion's power is the goal of ITER," according to its website.
Other Board members are Michael Tendler, professor at Sweden's Alfven Laboratory (Royal Institute of Technology); Richard Hawryluk, head of the department of ITER and Tokamaks at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (US); Dhiraj Bora, director of the Institute for Plasma Research, IPR (India); and Yuanxi Wan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former Chairman of the ITER Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC).
Motojima cited "good progress" on ITER site since the start of its construction in 2010: 82.17% of the contracts have now been signed between domestic agencies and leading industrial players, and 92% of the essential milestones had been achieved up to June.
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On 28 June 2005, the seven ITER Members unanimously agreed to build ITER in Cadarache, in southern France.
EU budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski and research Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn said: "ITER can provide a safe, clean and inexhaustible source of energy for the future.
These collaborating ITER Domestic Agencies are located around the globe in China, Europe, India, Japan, Russian Federation, South Korea and USA.
Excavation of the pit in Cadarache that will contain the enormous magnetic tokamak reactor at the heart of the ITER plant is expected to begin next month, more than a year late.
"It boded well for ITER that there were two serviceable sites and six parties committed to this important fusion project.
To help determine the source of such degradation, NIST scientists measured variable-temperature critical current of a "witness" superconductor strand that was thermally processed along with the superconducting cables used to make the latest two ITER test conductors.
The United States must soon decide whether to participate in construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).