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The 34D beauty sported a teasing smile and wicked glint in her eye as she posed in itsy-bitsy polka dot undies and fluffy mules.
IT'S an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, pinkish, far-too-small bikini .
ITSY-BITSY SPIDER: ``Spider-Man'' is casting his web across the small screen.
Perfect physique, hair just so, stylish sunglasses, itsy-bitsy bikini.
Former Brookside babe Anna Friel stripped off to yellow itsy-bitsy bikini bottoms to sizzle in the sun.
IT'S an itsy-bitsy, teeny- weenie, pinkish, far-too-small bikini .
There was an itsy-bitsy something missing as she partied minus most of her clothes.
Danniella - showing off her silicon-boosted curves in an itsy-bitsy orangey stripey bikini - emigrated two months ago after marrying Ben following a whirlwind romance.
The rookie boarder got some admiring glances from the beach boys in Hawaii as she took to the waves in an itsy-bitsy outfit.
Dispensing with the classic leathers designed to protect your body in a crash, Geri wore an itsy-bitsy leopard-skin bikini, a pair of tan-coloured calf-length boots and a black lace cardigan for her biker trip round the sun-soaked paradise.
You'll find a tingling array of itsy-bitsy costumes (well, actually they're sleepers) on the less-scary side for $18 to $28.