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IVAIndividual Voluntary Arrangement
IVAImpuesto Sobre El Valor Añadido (Spanish VAT)
IVAImposta sul Valore Aggiunto (Italian: value added tax)
IVAIntelligent Virtual Agents (Conference)
IVAInkomensvoorziening Volledig Arbeidsongeschikten (Dutch)
IVAIsovaleric Acidemia
IVAImposto sobre Valor Agregado (Value Added Tax; Brazil)
IVAIsrael Venture Association
IVAIntelligent Video Analysis (Bosch Security Systems)
IVAIntravehicular Activity
IVAIdaho Values Alliance (Boise, ID)
IVAInternational Voice Association
IVAImposto de Valor Acrescentado (Portugal; same as VAT)
IVAIntermediate Visual and Auditory
IVAIntegrated Vulnerability Assessment
IVAIndian Vexillological Association
IVAInterventricolare Anteriore (Italian)
IVAInductive Voltage Adder
IVAIntegrated Vocational Assessment (education)
IVAInteractive Voice Assistant (CoolSpeak)
IVAInternal Vulnerability Assessment
IVAIterative Viterbi Algorithm
IVAIndividual Video Access (GlowPoint)
IVAIntraoperative Vascular Angiography
IVAIntegrated Voice Application
IVAInformal Voluntary Agreement
IVAIndependent Verfication Audit
IVAInternational Velux Award (architecture)
IVAInfluenza Virus A (infectious disease)
IVAInterop Vendor Alliance (Microsoft)
IVAInsertion dans la Vie Active (French: Integration into Working Life)
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For additional information or to request a quote on the iVA Cable and Antenna Analyzer please contact Kaelus or your Kaelus representative.
The SCJN is already considering a separate challenge to the border IVA increase brought by opposition members of the Mexican Senate in late 2013.
frutescens gall density, oviposition site areal density and parasitism rate as independent variables influencing Iva gall density.
For the interpretation of acylcarnitine profiles in NBS for IVA, C5, and the ratios of C5/octanoylcarnitine (C8), C5/butyrylcarnitine (C4), and C5/propionylcarnitine (C3) were used.
By letting people park their premiums in stock mutual funds (one contract even allows investors to move money around) an IVA lets retirees "stay in the game" and satisfies their hunger for hope and control.
Newly insolvent people considering signing up to an IVA who have mortgages need to ensure they are fully aware of what their options are so that they don't face an unexpected shock at the end of the five year agreement.
IVA head Wilhelm Rasinger criticised the move saying that thus Schroecksnadel is bypassing the regulation that only a shareholder with at least 90% in a company can launch a squeeze-out.
DRIVER Grandad Geoff Eades HORROR Iva and Sera, right, died in the crash
If an IVA is rejected, bankruptcy is often the only option left and, typically, nine out of ten bankruptcies lead to repossession as the debtor's home is sold to recoup some equity.
The result of poor or no enzyme activity level with IVA is a build up of the amino acid, leucine.
An IVA proposed by a debtor through an IP that satisfies the legislative requirements and those of the protocol will be acceptable to creditors who are a party to the protocol and will vote accordingly
uk, warned: "Rogue firms are getting the information then advising - people to default on their IVA payments.