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Faneuf, 35, friends since grammar school, have been carving special jack-o-lanterns since 1988, when neighbor John Reckner hosted the first Pumpkin Spectacular at the Woodward School in Oxford.
At another level of abstraction, however, plastic leaf bags were available for many years and yet no one else came up with the idea of decorating them to look like jack-o-lanterns. The result achieved commercial success, turned plastic leaf bags into a dual purpose product, and at least some people thought the idea was fairly nifty.
Discarded after Halloween, Tim's beloved jack-o-lantern eventually grows new pumpkins from its old seeds.
Originally, Irish jack-o-lanterns were hollowed out of vegetables, such as rutabagas; gourds, potatoes or beets.
Pumpkins aren't just for making pies and jack-o-lanterns anymore.
What did you do with the innards of last week's jack-o-lantern? Most households pitched the slippery, seed-bearing strings as they carved their pumpkin.
Bring your carved jack-o-lantern to the party for judging and prizes!
The term "Jack-o-Lantern" originated from the legend of a spirit known as Jack, who was condemned to earth after being denied entry to both heaven and hell.
Even if you don't fancy the flesh of your jack-o-lantern, there's no need to waste the seeds.
Jack-o-lantern entries will be on display later that evening in downtown Harpers Ferry from 6:00p.m.
There's also a "count the jack-o-lantern" game before each show.