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JKJust Kidding
JKJedi Knight (Star Wars)
JKJamie Kennedy (comedy TV show)
JKJunior Kindergarten
JKJammu and Kashmir (state in India)
JKJohn Kerry
JKJohn Krasinski (actor)
JKJusuf Kalla (Indonesian politician)
JKJamiroquai (band)
JKJuscelino Kubitschek (Brazilian ex-president)
JKJohn Kennedy
JKJoanne Kathleen (Rowling, Harry Potter author)
JKJason Kidd (basketball player)
JKJackknife (stretching exercise)
JKJyoshi Kousei (female high school student; Japan)
JKJin Kazama (Tekken 3 character)
JKJack Kilby (TI engineer; inventor of the integrated circuit)
JKJärnkaminerna (Swedish sports fans)
JKJärnkaminerna (Djurgårdens IF supporters)
JKJuuni Kokki (Anime)
JKKidd blood group system
JKJälkikirjoitus (Finnish: Post Scriptum)
JKJiddu Krishnamurthy (philosper)
JKJedrilièarski Klub (Croatian: Yacht Club)
JKJumping Kangaroo
JKJulianischer Kalender (Julian Calendar)
JKtype of flip flop named for Jack Kilby
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We apply the jackknife estimation of Quenouille (1956) as follows.
In addition, we applied the Jackknife procedure for [cpue.sub.2] and [cpue.sub.3], considering each of 30 simulated landings as a replicate according to the current literature in the subject (Efron, 1982; Manly, 1991).
A shooter who regularly uses the jackknife is my friend Barrie Gwillim.
The jackknife technique was applied to deal with uncertainty in growth estimates resulting from chance variations in sampling design.
1994), estimated species richness values should not; (3) species richness and species detectability should vary among states; (4) jackknife estimates based on observed abundance distributions and patterns of observations among stops should be highly correlated; and, (5) that particular patterns of variation of the detection probability should occur in the data, but could be accommodated in capture-recapture models that make assumptions related to behavior, time, and individual species heterogeneity.
The technique applies the generalized jackknife (Gray and Shucany, 1972) to reduce the bias in the logarithm of the bias expansion of the Lo, Mack, and Wang estimator.
The draft from the passing truck caused Thomas to lose control and his vehicle to jackknife, he said.
A second northbound vehicle, a Ford Bronco, came around the same curve and struck the trailer's axle, causing the van and trailer to jackknife and leave the road.
As a result, incompetent drivers regularly jackknife or overturn their vehicles bringing chaos to our roads.
The newly formed molecule, at first joined to both arms of the frame, jackknifes upward as the amino adenosine severs its hydrogen bonds with the frame and snaps in place over the ester.