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The blockers and pivots form a pack with the jammers 20 feet behind at the beginning of the bout.
The jammers, banned in the UK, are usually smuggled in from countries where they are not illegal.
There are several nefarious uses for GPS jammers, which are not illegal to own.
During the course of the technology maturation phase, Exelis successfully designed, developed and tested a number of subsystems critical to the Next Generation Jammer.
For every blocker on the opposing team the jammer passes after this initial pass they collect one point.
He said that it was extremely unlikely for the jammers to fail as he personally checked the system three or four times each week.
GPS jammers have already been developed to interfere with the European Union's Galileo system, which will provide European satellite navigation independently from the Russian, USA and Chinese systems by 2019.
BAE Systems is getting a second shot at a $280 million contract for electronic warfare jammers that is potentially worth billions of dollars down the road, after the government halted work by rival Raytheon so the Navy can reexamine how it awarded the contract.
In Cassidian's own words, the jammer "features the new, ultra-fast Smart Responsive Jamming Technology to substantially enhance the level of protection.
Northrop Grumman Corporation achieved a major milestone by successfully completing the initial Technology Maturation (TM) phase for the US Navy's Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) programme.
One of the company's latest models, the CT-12 wireless laser radar jammer, according to ALF, has the following advantages: