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Jarhead[not an acronym] slang for a United States Marine (origin unknown)
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This done, the paper will explore the tensions within Jarhead when the highly-skilled craft-worker finds technology making their skills irrelevant.
As I read Jarhead, I had a hard time believing all the crazy, vulgar, and disturbing things that happened.
The problem with Jarhead is that it's too evenhanded for antiwar purposes.
Then the black fog rolls in--the Kuwaiti oil fields are ignited--and Jarhead descends into an inferno.
Jarhead made its appearance last spring just as this country was irrevocably marching toward the second Gulf War.
In the end, Jarhead captures the blackest of black comedy.
JARHEAD ITV4, 11PM After enlisting in the Marines in the late 1980s, Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) is put through a tough boot camp, but eventually makes it through as a sniper.
If Jarhead was Sam Mendes' poorest film because he was so far out of his normal territory, you can imagine how close this heart-pounding but ultimately redemptive story about survival and conscience is to Maoz.
After the emotional 'sturm und drang' of Revolutionary Road and Jarhead, Oscar-winning British director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) returns to the comedy genre with aplomb, demonstrating a light touch with his dysfunctional characters.
This is very different from his gritty and intense films like Jarhead, Road To Perdition and Revolutionary Road.
Next he played against type as a violent soldier during the first Gulf War in Jarhead.
Jake Gyllenhaal (top and inset) in Jarhead (1 5) and Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends (12A).