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JARSJava Applet Rating Service
JARSJapanese Association for Renaissance Studies
JARSJapan Association of Remote Sensing
JARSJournal of Ayn Rand Studies (literary periodical)
JARSJapanese Association for Religious Studies
JARSJournal of Applied Remote Sensing (electronic publication)
JARSJoint Air Reserve Station
JARSJournal of the American Rocket Society
JARSJob Accounting and Reporting System (software)
JARSJamming Aircraft & Radar Simulation (Model)
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Monte Cristo smiled at her unusual humility, and showed her two immense porcelain jars, over which wound marine plants, of a size and delicacy that nature alone could produce.
"I do not know; I have only heard that an emperor of China had an oven built expressly, and that in this oven twelve jars like this were successively baked.
819-821) On the fourth day open a jar. The fourth of the mid-month is a day holy above all.
Let me have twelve jars, and see that they all have lids; also fill me some well-sewn leathern bags with barley meal--about twenty measures in all.
Xury said, if I would let him go on shore with one of the jars, he would find if there was any water, and bring some to me.
I found it in a sealed jar, that by chance, I suppose, had been really hermetically sealed.
The first thing they found was Mittens, hiding in an empty jar
The men who sat nearest considerately turned their faces towards the other end of the field, some of them beginning to smoke; one, with absent-minded fondness, regretfully stroking the jar that would no longer yield a stream.
There was one large piece of the jar where there had been three, and above them the shadowy outline of the entire vessel.
At one time she would come on board with a jar of pickles for the steward's pantry; another time with a bunch of quills for the chief mate's desk, where he kept his log; a third time with a roll of flannel for the small of some one's rheumatic back.
When they entered the oaken parlour, Godfrey threw himself into his chair, while Nancy laid down her bonnet and shawl, and stood on the hearth near her husband, unwilling to leave him even for a few minutes, and yet fearing to utter any word lest it might jar on his feeling.
" Its flavor when cooked is more exquisite far Than mutton, or oysters, or eggs:(Some think it keeps best in an ivory jar, And some, in mahogany kegs:)