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JATOJet-Assisted Take-Off
JATOJews Against the Occupation
JATOJapan Athletic Trainers' Organization (est. 1996)
JATOJoint Air Tactical Operations
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Madam Christie Jato Kaleo said upon the arrival at the police station, it came out that the suspect was not a staff of PDS and that he was pretending to be a PDS staff, in order to extort monies from his victims.
The latest European sales figures from JATO show a 92 per cent increase in registrations of pure electric vehicles in February with 20,000 EVs sold across Europe with Germany being the largest market.
JATO has been monitoring the degradation of press freedom conditions in Egypt, including journalist detentions, arrests, and assaults among other violations such as censorship and security pursuit.
Os tratamentos foram distribuidos no esquema fatorial 4 x 2, constituido por quatro tipos de calda ((agua; surfactante + agua; polimero vegetal + agua e ester metilico de oleo de soja + agua) combinados a duas pontas de pulverizacao de energia hidraulica (ponta Hypro[R], modelo GRD 12003 (malha do filtro 50, pressao de 552 kPa, vazao de 1,58 L [min.sup.-1]) jato plano inclinado (posicionado contra o sentido de deslocamento do fluxo de ar) e ponta Jacto[R], modelo JAI 120025, (malha do filtro 50, pressao de 828 kPa, vazao de 1,62 L [min.sup.-1]), jato plano simples com inducao de ar)).
(2010) concluiram a partir de comparacoes entre os dados experimentais e numericos que os modelos k-[epsilon] padrao e o RSM mostraram-se validos para um jato axissimetrico turbulento do tipo co-corrente com razoes de velocidade entre 0 a 1.
Scrappage incentive schemes introduced across Europe are adding momentum in the small car market by reducing prices and improving accessibil-ity.Our report comes at an interesting time," said David Di Girolamo, head of Jato Consult.
According to Neil Hall, a market analyst at Jato, Rolls-Royce has enjoyed improved sales in Europe, and Jaguar has "vastly improved its performance" on the Continent, thanks to the XF model.
On March 27, the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for aviation presented the 2005 Marine Aviation Detachment Patuxent River Semper Fidelis Award to the PMA-234 JATO (Jammer Technique Authorization Team).
From the blues to Nikki Giovanni to Def Poetry Jato. The magazine explores the breadth and depth of the creative impulse in the African American community.
IN what could be an industry-changing trend, midi-MPVs are taking sales from the traditional mainstay of the vital lower-medium class, the five-door hatchback, say market intelligence experts JATO Dynamics.
IN what could be an industrychanging trend, midiMPVs are taking sales from the traditional mainstay of the vital lowermedium class, the fivedoor hatchback, say market intelligence experts Jato Dynamics.