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JEANJapan Environmental Action Network
JEANJournal of East Asian Numismatics
JEANJoint Effort Against Narcotics
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One of the Canadians, Jean Baptiste Dubreuil, likewise remained with Mr.
Master Andry," pursued Jean Jehan, still clinging to his capital, "hold your tongue, or I'll drop on your head
The king's tailor, Messire Jean Percerin, occupied a rather large house in the Rue St.
Some one has played a joke upon you, Jean," and Olga laughed.
He wore his usual working habiliments, consisting of varipatched trousers, a blue jean shirt, out at the elbows, and a ragged straw hat.
Jean Pied-du-Port the country was mottled with the white tents of Gascons, Aquitanians and English, all eager for the advance.
Jean Pied-du-Port, and by six Sir Nigel's Company, three hundred strong, were on their way for the defile, pushing swiftly in the dim light up the steep curving road; for it was the prince's order that they should be the first to pass through, and that they should remain on guard at the further end until the whole army had emerged from the mountains.
Burns wrote love songs too, for he was constantly in love--often to his discredit, and at length he married Jean Armour, Scots fashion, by writing a paper saying that they were man and wife and giving it to her.
In 1649 a Frenchman, one Jean Baudoin, published a `Journey performed from the Earth to the Moon by Domingo Gonzalez,' a Spanish adventurer.
The Republic of Plato is also the first treatise upon education, of which the writings of Milton and Locke, Rousseau, Jean Paul, and Goethe are the legitimate descendants.
Another old chateau in the neighbourhood, built in the fourteenth century by Jean de Belmont, was also abandoned, so that that part of the country was very little inhabited.
A couple of tall poplars and a few other trees stood grouped on the clean, dark gravel, and under them a few garden benches and a bronze effigy of Jean Jacques Rousseau seated on its pedestal.