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If John had not forgotten all about the jelly, it really would have been unpardonable in him to choose that day, of all the days in the year, to bring a friend home to dinner unexpectedly.
One edition of jelly was trickled from pot to pot, another lay upon the floor, and a third was burning gaily on the stove.
Aunt Polly says she hopes you are comfortable to-day, and she's sent you some calf's-foot jelly."
Jelly Belly must be the man with the bald spot and the tobacco-stained whiskers.
"Mother sent you this little pot of rhubarb jelly," said Diana pleasantly.
Anne, flushed with delight, clapped it together with layers of ruby jelly and, in imagination, saw Mrs.
(it was quite large enough), and who, bustling about on tiptoe and without noise--now here, now there, now everywhere at once--began to fill out the jelly in tea-cups, and to make chicken broth in small saucepans, and to peel oranges for the sick man and to cut them up in little pieces, and to ply the small servant with glasses of wine and choice bits of everything until more substantial meat could be prepared for her refreshment.
"But there's been no talk o' jelly yet." Then after a moment's pause she added, "There's a dozen o' cut jelly-glasses upstairs--I shall never put jelly into 'em no more."
quoth the monarch, in a pleasant voice; and they could all see that he really did shake like jelly when he laughed.
(jelly: pineapple), which Leonard had prepared earlier in the day.
This advice prevailing over the stables and the jelly, they turned towards the coach-office to witness the Lightning's arrival.
Celina's husband was a fool, a coward, and a pig, and to prove it to her, Victor intended to hammer his head into a jelly the next time he encountered him.