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JESTJungle Evasion Survival School
JESTJoint Entrance Screening Test (India)
JESTJournal of Extraneous Scientific Topics
JESTJungle Environment Survival Training
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"Was I not right in saying that the danger, if there was any danger, would not come from his majesty, however disposed he may be to jest, but from your companions, as you say?
"Oh, my lord," said D'Artagnan, "I know you are a complete man; I know you have been, for a long time placed above human miseries; but there are jests and jests of a certain kind, which have the power of irritating me beyond expression."
But he don't never seem ter want ter spend no money here--leastways, not for jest livin'."
I dunno what was in your pockets when I dried your kit, fer I didn't look to see; but I'd say, using the very same words ez you used jest now, neither me nor dad - an' we was the only two that teched you after you was brought aboard - knows anythin' 'baout the money.
"Jest an' right - right an' jest," said Troop, with the ghost of a dry smile.
Is it true, what you told me jest now, that you never done a hand's turn o' work in all your born life?
"I've knet yeh eight pair of socks, Henry, and I've put in all yer best shirts, because I want my boy to be jest as warm and comf'able as anybody in the army.
You jest wait 'til to-morrow, and you'll see one of the biggest battles ever was.
Suppose Marks and I have taken up the catchin' trade, jest to 'commodate gentlemen like you, and get nothin' for ourselves?--Not by a long chalk!
"O, wal, certainly, jest let it go at that," said Haley, alarmed; "you catch the boy for the job;--you allers did trade far with me, Tom, and was up to yer word."
"Now you've had all you can stan' to-night, poor little soul, without gettin' a fit o' sickness; an' Mirandy'll be sore an' cross an' in no condition for argyment; so my plan is jest this: to drive you over to the brick house in my top buggy; to have you set back in the corner, an' I git out an' go to the side door; an' when I git your aunt Mirandy 'n' aunt Jane out int' the shed to plan for a load o' wood I'm goin' to have hauled there this week, you'll slip out o' the buggy and go upstairs to bed.
Are the marriage vows a jest; and is it nothing to make it your sport to break them, and to tempt another to do the same?