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JIGJoint Industry Guide (Electronic Industries Alliance)
JIGJoint Intelligence Group
JIGJesus Is God
JIGJane's Information Group
JIGJobs in Government
JIGJoint Inspection Group
JIGJoint Integration Group
JIGJoint Implementation Guide (DTRA & JFCOM)
JIGJumping in Game (gaming)
JIGJadawel International Group
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Maltese Sailor ( Reclining and shaking his cap.) It's the waves --the snow's caps turn to jig it now.
They were dancing the renowned "Can-can." A handsome girl in the set before me tripped forward lightly to meet the opposite gentleman, tripped back again, grasped her dresses vigorously on both sides with her hands, raised them pretty high, danced an extraordinary jig that had more activity and exposure about it than any jig I ever saw before, and then, drawing her clothes still higher, she advanced gaily to the center and launched a vicious kick full at her vis-a-vis that must infallibly have removed his nose if he had been seven feet high.
Throwing away the spade, he broke into a frantic jig, snapping his fingers, and repeating, again and again,
Then she threw her stick into the air and caught it as it came down; and she hugged herself with both arms, and tried to do a step of a jig; and all the time she repeated, rapturously:
THE great dance was not to begin until eight o'clock, but for any lads and lasses who liked to dance on the shady grass before then, there was music always at hand--for was not the band of the Benefit Club capable of playing excellent jigs, reels, and hornpipes?
The jig in the Larry Tople painting on the cover of this issue is a Roger Coffman tie, with a black head.
The goal is to make it appear that the jig is attempting to flee from predator fish.
So as I mulled around in my mind for the parts and method of manufacture for a lug alignment jig, I visualized a part made from a short section of common steel water pipe split lengthwise down the axial center.
In addition, The Joint Inspection Group (JIG) introduced a new process, 'Inspected to JIG Standards' (IJS) and APSCO became an early adopter of the process, whereupon approved JIG inspector inspects each facility every year to ensure consistency and compliance with the highest aviation standards, he says.
This is the setup with a heavy jig and plastic tail sitting on the bottom, making contact with the rocks.
The company's history reaches back to 2006 when Jake posed a question on AR15.coM regarding the need for a dimpling jig. A decade down the road BRD Engineering now offers dimple jigs (if you want to go the set-screw route) and drilling jigs for a wide variety of gas blocks--along with other products.