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JIGSJapan Internet Goods Shop (website)
JIGSJava Image Gallery System (open source computing project)
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Maltese Sailor ( Reclining and shaking his cap.) It's the waves --the snow's caps turn to jig it now.
They were dancing the renowned "Can-can." A handsome girl in the set before me tripped forward lightly to meet the opposite gentleman, tripped back again, grasped her dresses vigorously on both sides with her hands, raised them pretty high, danced an extraordinary jig that had more activity and exposure about it than any jig I ever saw before, and then, drawing her clothes still higher, she advanced gaily to the center and launched a vicious kick full at her vis-a-vis that must infallibly have removed his nose if he had been seven feet high.
When the girls saw that performance, Jo began to dance a jig, by way of expressing her satisfaction, Amy nearly fell out of the window in her surprise, and Meg exclaimed, with up-lifted hands, "Well, I do believe the world is coming to an end.
Throwing away the spade, he broke into a frantic jig, snapping his fingers, and repeating, again and again,
Then she threw her stick into the air and caught it as it came down; and she hugged herself with both arms, and tried to do a step of a jig; and all the time she repeated, rapturously:
"Mounting the screw onto the jig and tilting it at a 45-degree angle reduces the width and adds height," said Marshall Scott, of Landstar Ligon, in August as he supervised the loading of a screw from U.S.S.
Finally, from the dark and dim lit shop of inventor Al Marvel comes a Model 1911 sear jig that is practical, simple and perfect.
Under the GBL system, the outside jigs are replaced with one master jig, which has all of the specialized tooling needed for a given body style, and is lowered through the top of the frame, holding the panels from the inside.
Peterson builds jigs and inspection fixtures for automotive, office furniture and aerospace manufacturers.
You can buy a commercial string jig or make your own (see index on page 86).
The tube's end rings, mirror-cell back, and hinged tube rings, are shaped from industrial-grade sheet PVC plastic using jigs. The clamp rings on the twin 6-inch scopes are made from 1-inch-thick material, while 31/44-inch material is used for the 411/44-inch.
"What will you give me if I catch a trout on the first jig?" I asked.