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JDJulian Date
JDJuris Doctor (degree)
JDJack Daniel's
JDDoctor of Jurisprudence
JDJuvenile Delinquent
JDJohn/Jane Doe
JDJulian Day
JDJoint Degree (MD/MBA JD/MBA etc.)
JDJohn Deere
JDJob Description
JDJanata Dal (Indian political party)
JDJoy Division (band)
JDJohnny Depp
JDJermaine Dupri (rap artist)
JDJames David (as in J.D. Power and Associates; founded by James David Power)
JDJob Done
JDJohn Denver (singer)
JDJames Dean
JDJustice Department
JDJob Design
JDJoint Director (India)
JDJohnny Damon (baseball player)
JDJohn Dorian (character on TV show Scrubs)
JDJefferson Davis (Boss Hogg; Dukes of Hazzard TV show)
JDJimmy Dean (sausage)
JDJapan Air (IATA airline code)
JDJury Duty
JDJeff Davis (guitarist)
JDJuvenile Diabetes
JDJuvenile Delinquency
JDJudgment Day
JDJurisdictional Determination (various locations)
JDDoctor of Laws
JDJordanian Dinar
JDJohn Davidson (hockey commentator)
JDJohn Dillinger
JDJetDirect (Hewlett-Packard family of internal print servers)
JDJames Darren (actor/singer)
JDJournal of Discourses
JDJohn Deacon (Queen bassist)
JDJacob's Dream (band)
JDJohn Doggett (X-Files character)
JDJob Developer
JDJog Dial
JDJust Dog
JDJoint Detection
JDJohnathan Davis (member of band Korn)
JDJungdemokraten (Germany)
JDJudging Distance (artillery)
JDJacques Demolay (International Order of DeMolay)
JDJorg Demus (classical pianist)
JDJammie Dodger (biscuit brand)
JDJuris Diction (Canadian law firm)
JDJubbada Dhexe (postal region, Somalia)
JDJudgement Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh)
JDJohnathon Davis (Korn band member)
JDJunction Device
JDJosephson Device
JDJoint Dictionary
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Take a hard look at your job descriptions, and update them if necessary.
Job Description: With an in-depth understanding of cyber security and how platforms, networks and infrastructures are vulnerable, you'll be the interface between clients and specific expertise.
A future study could also be dedicated to finding out how many districts have a formal job description on file for school librarians and if it aligns with the new AASL standards.
The flow of job description development, then, is as follows:
In fact, after over 30 years in the business, Ron Carson's job description now consists of three items:
Additionally, by providing the job description for applicants to review during the interview process, they will better understand all of the expectations that will be required.
But the core of the job description should always originate in the hiring departments because they are the ones that know what functions are needed in the department.
NZNO organisers can conduct evaluations locally but only if there is already a job description substantially similar to one that is new and the original job description was evaluated by the JERC.
The job description typically spells out job duties and desired qualifications; it will also contain information about pay grade, compensation and other human resource details.
Same cover letters implies that you didn't take the time to read the job description & usually the client will not bother to read your cover letter.
There are many tasks that fall under a stud groom's job title and the actual job description will vary from stud to stud.
Rugby World Cup-winning New Zealand assistant coach Wayne Smith blasted the job description from the RFU as being more suited to "a public relations job", in comments echoed by Welsh recruitment experts.