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JDAJoint Development Agreement
JDAJapan Defense Agency
JDAJaipur Development Authority (India)
JDAJapan Dental Association
JDAJava Discord API (Application Programming Interface)
JDAJoint Defense Agreement (law)
JDAJapan Debate Association (est. 1986)
JDAJanne da Arc (band)
JDAJinetes del Apocalipsis (Spanish: Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
JDAJoint Duty Assignment
JDAJoint Development Association
JDAJapan Darts Association
JDAJerusalem Development Authority
JDAJovian Detention Authority (gaming)
JDAJoint Deployment Agency
JDAJ.D. Angst (Scrubs fanfiction)
JDAJoint Defense Appeal
JDAJob Demand Analysis
JDAJournal Disk/Core Address
JDAJoint Defense Agency
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One representative was well versed in the recent initiative by the Military Education Coordination Council with Joint Staff J7 regarding joint duty assignment list reprogramming or expansion.
Whether validating a position for placement on the Joint Duty Assignment List (JDAL) or validating individual experience, the criteria that must be met is the statutory definition of "Joint Matters".
(18) This last factor, which becomes even more important in the early field-grade years (major) when the officer is assuming more responsibility for his or her own professional development, is clearly exacerbated by the addition of a three-year joint duty assignment. There simply is not enough time for majors to fit it all in.
(13) Half of AC members receive joint professional military education (JPME) II through the Joint and Combined Warfighting School per year, 88 percent earn Level III via the standard experience path, and over 60 percent of Joint Duty Assignment List positions are in the combatant commands.
Currently, the distribution of student seats for JCWS is based proportionally on the number of joint billets each Service is assigned on the Joint Duty Assignment List (JDAL).
The standard path requires serving in a Joint Duty Assignment List position.
A Navy pilot, for instance, who serves and deploys with an Air Force unit through the program will likely possess substantially greater familiarity with Air Force operations and structure than would be gleaned from the typical joint duty assignment on a multi-Service staff, and thus be all the more qualified to serve in a billet that requires oversight of coordination and interoperability between both Services.
The Services do a great job of filling available JFSC seats, but the physical capacity of the college or the requirements of the Services often prevents officers from attending JPME II prior to arriving at their joint duty assignments. When this does occur, commands must go without individuals for 10 weeks if they desire the officer to get the education or be eligible to fulfill JQO Level III requirements during the officer's joint tour.
Officers designated as JSOs also must complete a joint duty assignment (JDA).
As we've learned over the years what it takes to operate jointly, it's become clear that we need to change the requirements for joint duty assignments, which are more narrow and rigid than they need to be.
Army Military Police Corps, this article presents information on joint matters and affirms that military police leaders must rigorously compete for joint duty assignments.
Bachmann has extensive acquisition experience through a wide variety of afloat, shore-based and joint duty assignments, including a previous assignment at SPAWAR.
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